Trust GXT 323W Carus review, a headset that is as a father than as a player

I love to enjoy good sound, but I ignore the prohibitive prices that this hobby often requires. Standing out more for what is correct than for what is surprising, the Trust GXT 323W Carus, like any good headset that does what is necessary to not exceed the 50-euro barrier, knows exactly what they have come for.

Even though music and sound from movies and video games have become a part of my life since Ixnay on the Man from Offspring joined me with the opening bars of Saving Private Ryan on a home theater sound system. 5.1, I am far from what anyone would classify as an audiophile.

Trust GXT 323W Carus: technical specifications

CONNECTION3.5mm analog
CABLE1.2m braided

A clearly recognizable design

With a sober and no-show packaging, what is most surprising when you open the box and have the GXT 323W in front of you is how huge they seem. The impression grows even more when you take them and, although their weight is not trivial and reaches 354 grams, the difference between appearance and feel in hand is more than considerable.

Trust GXT 323W Carus
Trust GXT 323W Carus

Remembering the mythical phrase of Jurassic Park with that of “if it weighs a lot is expensive“, it becomes clear that the use of plastic for such a large case does more harm than good in that first impression. It is rough more for aesthetic than functional reasons and, although I recognize that the image has its audience, I am not among them.

With very marked geometric shapes and earmuffs as big as my hand, the rating of a product made for gamers doesn’t suit the hair, and only the sobriety of its color and the lack of LED lights manage to reduce a little what it would undoubtedly end up becoming. in an overdose of the term gaming of being before another brand more assiduous to the aesthetics of the fair.

The shocking is not always comfortable

Over the head they fully reflect what you expect of them at first glance. The headphones hug the head until they make what was clearly the opposite sensation comfortable, but the weight ends up taking its toll and destroying the good intentions of the thick foam of its headband.

I feel less permissive with its pads that, with the intention of covering the entire ear so as not to let the sound escape and create some isolation and passive cancellation, are large enough to create problems in a big ear like me.

Despite the apparently ridiculous image due to its dimensions, it is more comfortable in the head of a child than in that of an adult. There, due to the smaller ears and the more restrained cartilage, the collision with the internal area of ​​the headset does not occur and, therefore, prevents the weight and lack of maneuverability of the earmuffs from ending up bothering after long sessions.

The sound test of the Trust GXT 323W

Trust GXT 323W Carus review
Trust GXT 323W Carus

With some problems that seem completely tied to their aesthetics, the Trust GXT 323W Carus reach a certain redemption in terms of functionality, where based on music and games they have proven to offer a quite remarkable sound for what is expected of this category.

Faced with two litmus tests such as the Dragonborn theme from Skyrim at full volume and the online game in Warzone, my only complaint regarding its sound is having the constant feeling that the left earphone was constantly enjoying more force than the right.

Regarding its microphone, functional without fanfare and with a certain metallic touch, but nothing that is annoying or prevents you from communicating without problems. A pity that the short cable length is ideal for playing from the PS5 controller but not so much in order to be able to use the headphones also on the computer.

Our opinion

With kids at home who begin to play with the aesthetics of youtubers idols and games with friends, the Trust GXT 323W Carus seem one of those ideal options in order to satisfy their incipient taste for gaming without leaving you half a kidney or falling into cheap solutions poor that will end up gnawed in a few weeks

For design, price and functionality, I think that is precisely where Trust has set its eye with this range of headphones and, although it is more than clear that they are not made for me, the movement can be very successful in the eyes of other parents who are in a similar situation.

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