TicWatch Pro 5: Review and Opinion

TicWatch Pro 5

The Mobvoi company has launched this year the evolution of its Pro model, which already featured a dual-screen system in its previous generation, TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra. It is an Android Wear smartwatch that offers up to 4 days in smart mode and an essential mode that promises up to 45 days.

The design of this generation is clearly inspired by the previous TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra model that has already passed through our laboratory.

This model inherits its dual screen system, an AMOLED and a sectional LCD screen, like the Casio’s of a lifetime, readable in broad daylight and with which the information is displayed and does not use up so much battery.

The strong point of this model is that it manages to practically double the autonomy of any smartwatch with Wear OS and full application options on the watch.

The technical specifications are dizzying and it might not fulfill all that it promises, which is why I spent 3 months testing it and that is that, in the essential mode, I have managed to squeeze almost a month and a half of autonomy out of it, although I already warn you that has a trick.

I am going to try to summarize my experience and whether or not this watch is worth it, one of the most complete models with Wear OS on the market.

Features and technical sheet of the TicWatch Pro 5

Screen– 1.43″ AMOLED screen | 466 x 466 px- Low consumption screenGorilla Glass 5 Protection
Battery628mAh magnetic charge
HardwareSnapdragon W5+ Gen 1
OSWear OS 3TicWatch Cape
sensorsaccelerometerGyroscopeHeart rateSpO2skin temperatureBarometerAltimeter
materials and strapCase: Stainless steel, 7000 series aluminum, and high-strength nylon with fiberglassStrap: silicone, standard 24 mm
connectivityBluetooth 5.2 | Wi-Fi 2.4GHzGPS+Beidou+Glonass+Galileo+QZSSnfc
Waterproof5 ATM – Suitable for swimming
Dimensions50.1 x 48 x 12.2 mm44.3 grams
Additional featuresrotating crownBluetooth handsfree

Differential design thanks to its double screen system

Mobvoi has followed the maxim of if something works, don’t touch it with this TicWatch Pro 5. What he already demonstrated with his working TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra model he has kept and slightly polished the design so that it is not so crude.

The watch has a very traditional design. Its case is circular 48mm finished in steel, aluminum 7000 and nylon. 

The bezel part shows a rough finish that serves as protection against bumps and scratches. On the side we see a button and a button with a rotating crown that scrolls the menus of the smartwatch.

The lower area, the one that is in contact with your wrist once you use it, has a sensor system in the central part, it is not noticeable once it is on and it also has the connectors for its (magnetic) charging cable.

I’m going to talk about bracelets, because they are my number one enemy. It comes with a 24mm silicone type bracelet. It has a tool-less change system. This type of bracelet causes me an allergic reaction, so I bought one from Amazon with a fabric finish and everything was fine.

TicWatch Pro 5
TicWatch Pro 5

Aesthetically it is a watch that can go unnoticed, it works as a watch to wear or to play sports thanks to the flexibility of use with an AMOLED screen or that low-consumption LCD segment screen reminiscent of traditional Casio watches.

And yes, I am going to talk directly about this dual screen feature because there is no other company that is exploring this solution.

Right above that screen we have an LCD screen, with segments that turn on and off. This screen is used when you put the essential mode or you can force it to be used instead of AMOLED as the Always On screen.

This screen has a traditional LED lighting for when we are in the dark, because it is visible without extra light in full sun. That lighting can be configured between 18 colors.

In addition, Mobvoi has been very clever in using these colors as an indicator of our heart rate range when we do sports.

TicWatch Pro 5
TicWatch Pro 5

That light is generated by the AMOLED screen itself that is under this low consumption screen. Here you can see a detail of one of the segments of the numbers and the battery icon, illuminated with the back light, but it is clear that they are superimposed TN segments.

Wear OS and Mobvoi Health for mobile

Something that must be highlighted about this smartwatch is that it boasts Wear OS, it is the most complete operating system for smartwatches if you want to use them together with an Android smartphone.

The integration between these systems is reminiscent, in part, of what Apple achieves with its Watch and iPhone.

With this TicWatch Pro 5 you will be able to install complete applications, answer directly any message, email or WhatsApp with its integrated keyboard. Having Android applications like, in my case, for example, Nuki to open my smart lock at home.

With this watch you can use Google Maps directly or any sports tracking application or even use the smartwatch as a means of payment through NFC once you configure your card. As an extra, we can also use the watch as a Bluetooth hands-free for mobile calls, hang up the call or even talk from the watch.

TicWatch Pro 5
TicWatch Pro 5

The hardware that it integrates is the latest Qualcomm chip that gives it more than enough power. The operation is fluid at all times except, when we switch between essential and normal mode, here there is a few seconds of delay.

There is something that I have detected and that they should improve in terms of software and that is that Mobvoi loads the smartwatch with its own applications that on occasion double functions already integrated with Wear OS.

Most of the applications that I am talking about are those that end in Tic, and although they add some extra functionality, it is true that from my point of view, they dirty the experience somewhat. 

But not everything is bad, and it is that although we have separate applications to measure SpO2 or heart rate, the company has created a shortcut that performs all measurements at once, including: pulse, SpO2, respiratory rate, stress and heart health.

We say heart health because the company advertises that it can measure irregular heart rhythm (IHB), cardiac arrhythmias (AFib included), premature beat, tachycardia/bradycardia, and alerts you to it, but they make it clear on their website that it is not a medical device or serves as a diagnosis. Although hey, if you have detected something strange, it does not hurt to have a check-up.

The application that collects all the data on the smartphone and with which we can further customize the watch, choosing more spheres is Mobvoi Health. In my particular case I have been using the TN OLED sphere which largely matches the layout of the low power display.

The application allows you to take screenshots of the watch, show at a glance all our health measurements and the steps taken, and even monitor the health factors of other users or family members with the CuidadoTic tab.

Up to 4 days in smart mode or 40 days in essential mode

If there is something that I personally take into account when thinking about buying a smartwatch, it is autonomy. I don’t want to have to carry another device every day, apart from my mobile, of course.

My bet is usually an approach from the side of hybrid smartwatches and that is why this watch with its essential mode has caught my attention.

The essential mode closes all bluetooth communication with the mobile and starts using the low consumption screen. It becomes a simple quantifier that collects data and will dump to your application when you exit this mode. You have access to the main screen, one for pulse measurement, another for blood oxygen, calories and compass.

TicWatch Pro 5
TicWatch Pro 5

We therefore have a not-so-smart watch with this essential mode. And that is how I have managed to reach 1 month and 10 days of autonomy.

If you make normal use of the smartwatch, even forcing the essential mode at night, you will reach a range of just under 5 days.

As a positive point, it charges very quickly, in a matter of 54 minutes you have 100% charge. As a negative point, you need a proprietary cable that you better keep well since you will not have another way to charge it, it is not compatible with wireless charging.

Lithium batteries have a life expectancy of 800 charges in which they lose capacity up to 80% and from then on, the loss of capacity is more pronounced. Having a smartwatch that you charge every day means that in two and a half years you already reach those figures.

With this watch it would take more than 10 years to charge it all that number of times, using the smart mode, much more if we abuse the essential mode.

Versions, offers and price of the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5

The new Mobvoi model is available in a single color and a single version without mobile connectivity. The finish is in obsidian, a dark color with some shine like the volcanic glass of the same name, with a black silicone strap.

The official sale price is 359.99 euros, although the company usually has promotional offers of a 15% discount temporarily that leave it at 305.99 euros.

Review, is it worth buying the TicWatch Pro 5?

This watch works perfectly with Android phones, I would not recommend it as an option for iPhone because we lose some of the functionality and the Apple Watch alternative is perhaps more complete.

Based on my experience over months, I can conclude that it is one of the best Wear OS watches of the moment. The dual display option is very cool and having the low power display set to the Always On display makes it look like a normal watch at all times.

TicWatch Pro 5
TicWatch Pro 5

If you want smart options, you just have to raise your wrist and you find Wear OS in all its splendor, applications and all the options you want. You will not miss any functionality.

There is room for improvement in terms of polishing or cleaning up the software, which also, I clarify, during this time the watch has received an update. Hopefully Mobvoi will make the jump to Wear OS 4 in a future update, but it’s also true that the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra model is still stuck on Wear OS 2 without having received an update, so I don’t want to take it for granted.

It is not the most beautiful model aesthetically speaking, but it is an all-terrain model that will work for any occasion and that can stand up to options such as the new Galaxy Watch.

If you are looking for a smartwatch to pair with your Android smartphone and you want all kinds of functionalities, Mobvoi’s proposal with its TicWatch Pro 5 is a safe bet that, in addition, will give you 4 days of battery life or up to 40 days in essential mode.


  • Versatility
  • Dual screen design
  • Autonomy and charging speed


  • switching between modes slow
  • Charge with proprietary connector
  • Subscription Mobvoi Health App

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