The poop emoji will be shown if you write to Twitter’s press mail

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Since Elon Musk has been in charge of Twitter, practically none of his decisions have been without controversy. The thousands of layoffs, the continuous public confrontations with his own workers, the strategy taken with Twitter Blue, or his exaggerated demands in the offices, among many other things, have greatly diminished his reputation and that of the social network.

The press is also a subject from which he wants to escape, and he already demonstrated it by firing the entire public relations department of Twitter. Niceties are not his thing, and his latest movement tells us what Musk thinks about the press. And it is that from now on, anyone who writes to the address ‘[email protected]’, will receive an automated email with the excrement emoji.

An empty public relations department

He already warned about it recently through a tweet, where he explained that his address where all press proposals are received will now automatically respond with the poop emoji. In order to check if this is true, we have contacted that address and, indeed, in a few seconds we have been hit with a blow.

Twitter poop emoji
The message we received when writing to Twitter’s press mail

In the case of Elon Musk, this movement is hardly surprising anymore. Furthermore, it is not the first time that the tycoon has expressed his dissatisfaction with the press departments. Already in 2020 he fired his entire Tesla public relations department, publicly answering some of the proposals that came to that email via Twitter.

Twitter falls apart, and this is yet another episode of the battlefield that Musk has created on this social network. The worst thing about this type of movement is that the trend of firing workers and publicly denigrating them continues, being topics that a public relations team could handle effectively.

Although receiving a trick emoji can be fun for the first few seconds, that feeling doesn’t last long, especially when you think about the direction the social network is taking and the fact that there is no one who can stop your feet. current leader.

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