The classic MMORPG Lineage returns with a new game and we have a trailer

Lineage has been one of the free titles with the most fans of the MMORPG genre . After several installments over more than two decades , among which the successful Lineage 2 stood out , the saga has returned with a new title that they have called Lineage W , a game that seeks to convince the global market . Lineage W will try to achieve success at a time when the MMO market is doing very well, with hits like New World .

NCsoft has opted in this new installment for the isometric view , unlike the classic third-person view that we were used to in its previous installments, they have also focused especially on online gaming between different communities around the world . The title seeks to reach all players regardless of their nationality and language , betting on a global launch .

To do this, the South Korean company has launched a global battle system that does not take into account the players’ country of origin, being able to find all of them immersed in fights side by side with people from other countries on the same server .

To facilitate communication, NCsoft has developed artificial intelligence translation software that will allow us to communicate without language being a problem.This system also supports speech-to-text functions which will facilitate the creation of global communities .

In its effort to overcome barriers, NCsoft have confirmed that the game will also have cross-play both between PC and mobile and between consoles. The game will be released throughout this 2021 on PC, mobile devices, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch .

Lineage was another of those sagas that experienced the rise of MMO games that came with World of Warcraft , although with a different approach, looking for an audience more interested in oriental-style games, as was also Final Fantasy XIV .

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