This is the sound on Mars recorded by perseverance

The Perseverance rover has recorded audio as it rolls across the Martian surface. Is this driving on Mars?

Sound on Mars recorded by Perseverance is captured by NASA. The sensitive microphone on Perseverance has allowed him to be heard as his metal wheels roll over the rocks of Mars.

Recorded more than 16 minutes of sounds from the 27.3-meter drive on March 7 during the Perseverance descent and landing (EDL), now NASA has made it easy to record the rover as it drives on Mars.

“If I hear these sounds while driving my car, I stop and ask for it to be towed,” says Dave Gruel, lead engineer for the EDL camera and microphone subsystem at Mars 2020.

The first version provided by NASA features more than 16 minutes of raw, unfiltered sounds from the rover moving through Jezero crater. In it you can hear the noise generated by the interaction of the Perseverance mobility system (its wheels and suspension) with the surface, along with a strange high-pitched sound.

The Perseverance engineering team continues to assess the source of the scraping noise, which may be electromagnetic interference from one of the rover’s electronics boxes or interactions between the mobility system and the Martian surface.

This is the audio..

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