Samsung Electronics 3nm process technology still faces technical problems

Samsung Electronics is still facing technology hurdles, such as leakage and other crucial issues.

According to sources, there were reports last week that the research institute predicted that Samsung Electronics’ 3nm process technology is unlikely to be mass-produced before 2023, and the time for mass production may be later than TSMC’s 3nm process.

The latest reports shows Samsung’s 3nm process technology using full gate transistor (GAA) technology still has challenges in research and development, and there are still key technical issues that have not been resolved.  

According to industry chain sources, reporting that Samsung’s 3nm process R&D still faces challenges.  

The source in the industry chain also revealed that in terms of cost and chip performance, Samsung’s 3nm process technology using full gate transistor (GAA) technology may be less competitive than using fin field effect transistor technology (FinFET). TSMC’s 3nm process.  

In terms of chip process technology, although Samsung Electronics is strong, they have already had multiple generations of process technology in mass production later than TSMC.

This is the case for 7nm and 5nm. They have also failed to obtain OEM orders for Apple’s A-series processors for many years. The share of the chip foundry market is also far less than that of TSMC, and they have high hopes for the 3nm process.  

It is worth noting that at the end of June this year, some foreign media reported that the 3nm chip process technology that Samsung Electronics had high hopes had been successfully taped out, and it was one step closer to mass production.

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