R-Type Final 2 now allows us to get on the spaceships and enjoy its demo

Just before the end of April, the launch of R-Type Final 2 will take place, with which we can get on these spaceships to get fully into some action-packed levels. However, it will not be necessary to wait until then to try a preview of this new installment, since from today a demo is available to download for free.

This trial version has been enabled in all territories in the world, but it has not been enabled for all platforms. Only those who play on Nintendo Switch and PS4 can get hold of it, as the new trailer that has been distributed on the occasion of this announcement shows in passing.

The demo will allow players to choose between several types of ships and choose the level of difficulty they want to face, which will go from one called for children to another with which we will sweat the fat drop to overcome it. From there the game will jump to its introduction and immediately afterwards it will propose to overcome the first level completely.

R-Type Final 2
R-Type Final 2

In addition to PS4 and Nintendo SwitchR-Type Final 2 will launch on April 30 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC via Steam.

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