Project Zero director values ​​releasing more remasters after Maiden of Black Water

Project Zero is one of the horror sagas most loved by lovers of horror. Unlike other survival horrors such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill, its approach plays with a markedly Japanese setting, with figures from Japanese folklore and the most terrifying legends, and with a camera as the only weapon, our protagonists must make their way through endless situations that will test the player’s nerves.

The franchise turns 20 and will celebrate with the relaunch of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, a WiiU original title that now reaches the rest of current platforms, losing, yes, the characteristic costumes of Samus and Zelda . The director of the franchise, Makoto Shibata , has spoken about the future of the series in an interview for JP Games.

Shibata has explained that the remastering of Maiden of Black Water was prepared on the occasion of the anniversary of the franchise, but that at no time was it planned to release more remasters of old games, however, he has confessed to being surprised by the great reception of the game, for above his expectations, and he has confirmed that he will consider rescuing more games from the franchise in the future.

A few months ago, the producer of the saga, Keisuke Kimuchi, expressed his interest in releasing new installments of the saga if the players were interested in it, however, Makoto Shibata has clarified that the motivation to carry out the remastering of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water did not have to do with an interest to revive the franchise to make a new title, and that simply “hopes that many users will enjoy it” on the new platforms. The remastering of Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water will arrive on October 28 to PC, PS4 , PS5 , Xbox One , Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

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