Project Magi, Google’s new AI powered search engine

google search engine

Google is working on creating an entirely new search engine that will be powered by its artificial intelligence technology. This new search engine is in its early stages of development and does not have a deadline for its launch.

Its goal is to offer users a much more personalized search experience, anticipating their needs and learning from what they are looking for.

Google seeks to reinvent the search experience it offers, developing a new engine powered by AI

Google’s new search engine would also be more conversational, allowing users to interact with it much like they would talk to a person. In addition, it would offer pre-selected lists of items to buy and other useful information for users.

Meanwhile, Google is also working on a project called Magi, which aims to add new AI-based features to its existing search engine. Magi would allow users to complete financial transactions, such as buying shoes or booking flights, all while still incorporating existing search ads.

Google is also working on other projects, such as AI-assisted Google Earth mapping technology and music search through a chatbot. On the other hand, Google would also use AI to generate images in Google Images results with its GIFI technology, while with Tivoli Tutor, another new tool, it would teach users a new language through open AI text conversations. The system for conducting conversational searches has been dubbed Searchalong, and would allow users to ask a chatbot questions while browsing the web through Google’s Chrome browser.

Although Google has tried to personalize search results in the past, it has recognized that personalization offered little benefit to search engines. So these new efforts by Google demonstrate its ambition to reinvent the search experience.

Although industry experience tells us that not all product ideas necessarily lead to a launch, Google is excited to bring new AI-powered features to search and will share more details soon. Changes in search are happening very quickly and it will be fascinating to see how this will affect search ads, SEO and other forms of marketing. A separate story is how this could redefine its competition with Microsoft, which has given something to talk about with Bing and its integration with OpenAI technology.

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