Protect your PC and boost it’s performance with 360 Total security

At present, everything related to the security of our computer is an issue that worries us more and more, especially if we spend many hours a day connected to the Internet. That is why it is important to have a good security system. By default, Microsoft’s operating system has its own free antivirus, which may not be enough for many. As an alternative, we can bet on 360 Total Security, which we will talk about below.

360 Total Security is a complete program developed by the Chinese company Qijoo 360 Technology that has antivirus and maintenance functions for Windows computers. It is made up of five different engines, which we can activate and deactivate to our liking, including those from Bitdefender and Avira. With it we will protect our computer, since it covers different security segments, from the detection of malware to the blocking of malicious pages. In addition, it will help us to speed up the system and free up hard disk space to improve the performance of the devices.

Among its features, it stands out for having real-time protection, thanks to its cloud-based technology with which it can detect the most recent variants of ransomware. It also has an intelligent lock, to be able to intelligently identify and monitor any anomalous behavior of a document that could be malicious. In addition, it offers protection for online purchases, WiFi network analysis, keylogger blocking, webcam protection and backup for our documents before they can be affected by any virus.

Security and optimization suite

360 Total security to boost your PC performance
360 Total security to boost your PC performance

Once we install the program, we start it, its main menu appears, with a welcome surprise in the form of an advertising window where it invites us to install a series of applications such as Opera, VLC, etc. This will happen every time we close and open the application, with an ad window that changes at each start. This is somewhat annoying, although it may be understandable when it comes to free software. We can always choose its Premium version to be able to eliminate them.

The main menu is divided into two parts, on the left we find a list where the different available functions are organized by categories such as: “Checking”, “Antivirus”, “Speed ​​up PC”, “Free up Space”, “Tools” and Account ” . This makes it easy for us to access the function we need.

System check

As its name indicates, from this section we can make a comparison of the state in which our PC is. It is a fast way to solve any security and performance problem of our computer. To do this, it will only be necessary to press the «Verify» button.

This will start the program to scan for possible system repairs, security threats, performance improvements, startup speed optimization, and registry cleaning. The process may take some time depending on the number of files and the size of the hard drive.

Threat Antivirus

This is one of the key sections of the program. From here we will be able to perform a quick, complete or manual analysis of the system in search of any virus or malware. In the lower right we find other tools that we can access such as Analysis in the cloud, Trash, Sandbox, Ransomware decryption and Firewall.

When carrying out an analysis, the antivirus will be in charge of scanning the system settings, the most used programs, the running processes, startup items, as well as the critical elements of the system. Once finished, it will show us a summary with the files analyzed, viruses found, problems solved and time invested for it.

Speed ​​up startup

From this section we can try to improve the overall performance of the computer, as well as speed up its startup. To do this, either optimize the system settings and disable programs that run unnecessarily both at startup and in the background.

When optimizing startup, it will analyze startup items, scheduled tasks, services, the system, and self-executing add-ons. At the bottom we find other additional tools such as managing an exclusion list, transferring files from the hard drive to free up space, Driver Updater to keep drivers up to date, and a game accelerator.

Free up space

From here we will have the necessary tools to help us save space on the hard disk, clean the garbage accumulated on our computer and improve the efficiency of the system. For this, it offers us a plugin cleaning, showing those that it is recommended to delete or an optional deletion. Also with cleaning of junk files such as Windows Modern Application cache files, cache files generated by browsers, as well as junk files that are produced when playing videos and music.

In the lower right part we will have direct access icons to the trash, to the privacy anti-tracing, the registry cleaner, to analyze the disk, to the data destroyer and the scheduled cleaning.

Conclusions: is it worth it?

360 Total Security can be considered more than an antivirus, rather oriented to be a toolbox. From it we can carry out any task that has to do with the security, maintenance and optimization of the system. That is why it can be interesting if we really require all or a large part of its tools, since they will all be installed and will be at our disposal.

If we really only want an antivirus and not everything else is unnecessary, it may not be the most appropriate option.The application works well, although it must be taken into account that it can slow down the system a bit when I do analysis using all its scanning engines, so it may not be suitable for less powerful computers. In addition, it should be mentioned that it incorporates advertising in its free version.

Download 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is an antivirus that we can download for free from its developer’s website. With this version we have all the necessary features that we can ask of any antivirus, although, for the most demanding, it also has a Premium version for payment. Let’s see the differences between both versions.

  • 360 Total Security free : it consists of an antivirus, antimalware and anti-ransomware. Includes multiple engines, sandbox, online shopping security, privacy protection, Internet and system protection. It also includes functions to check WiFi security, free up space, speed up the PC, and regular updates.
  • 360 Total Security Premium : it has all the advantages of the free version, plus other additional functions are added such as a data shredder, private data cleaning, disk analyzer, Driver Update, Firewall, scheduled cleaning, Desktop Organizer, AD Blocker , system disk shrinking, anti-tracking system, fileless attack protection, animated themes and priority system update. In addition, you will find free advertising. Its price is 17.66 euros per year.

As we can see, the free version has enough functionalities to cover the needs of a large number of users, since we will hardly miss anything. However, the Premium version has a low annual cost, so it can be very useful if we are interested in the features it integrates.

Other security alternatives

In case we are looking for a free and powerful antivirus to protect our Windows computer, we propose some alternatives that we should not overlook:

Kaspersky Free

Without a doubt we are facing one of the best known antivirus such as Kaspersky. Despite being a payment security system, it also has a free version. With it we will have its powerful search engine to eliminate any threat such as viruses, worms or Trojans in real time. In addition, it includes superior security technology with which to automatically analyze system data in real time. We can download Kaspersky Free from its official website.

Bitdefender Free

Another of the leading brands in terms of PC security is Bitdefender. This also has a free version capable of offering a good balance between protection and performance. It has a powerful engine that analyzes the system in real time, as well as a database that receives constant updates in order to be protected against any threat. It is capable of detecting and eliminating all types of malware, even the most complicated ones. In addition, it has anti-phishing and anti-fraud systems. We can download Bitdefender Free from this link to its official website .

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