Orange Bank launched debit card without CVC and expiration

A few months after landing in Spain, Orange Bank continues to gradually increase its customer base and, to this end, continues to expand its functions. So far this year, for example, it has announced its compatibility with new mobile payment services: initially it only included Apple Pay, but it already supports Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Orange Bank launched debit card without CVC and expiration date in Spain.

Now, after launching an attractive summer promotion, the first 100% mobile debit card in Spain has just been released by Mastercard. This card, which is part of the Digital First initiative, allows the user to operate regardless of the physical card with the particularity that it does not include numbers or sensitive information.

Now available in the Orange Bank app

With the new 100% mobile debit card launched today in Spain, Orange Bank becomes the first bank in the EURO zone to be part of Mastercard’s “Digital First” Program, offering its clients the possibility of operating with your Mastercard digital card, regardless if you want the physical card.

This program allows you to issue a card that does not include numbering or sensitive data. It only contains the personalized name of the holder, while the card number, CVC code or expiration date are not shown and can only be viewed within the Orange Bank app after customer authentication.
The card is already available in the mobile app for Orange Bank customers, so that, once they have a balance in their account, they will be able to start making online purchases and carry out operations in physical stores or ATMs through the different solutions mobile payment (Apple Pay, GooglePay and Samsung Pay). And all this, with the environmental benefit of dispensing with the plastic of the cards. Orange Bank launched debit card without CVC and expiration date.

Optionally, it is possible to request the physical card, which will not have sensitive information, thus avoiding the concerns that come with losing or stealing it. In addition, the user can manage their security preferences from the app: freeze or unfreeze their card, cancel it if necessary and control the spending limit, among other functions.

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