OPPO Watch 2 released: a new generation of all-smart watch flagship

On July 27, OPPO officially released the new OPPO Watch 2 series, positioning it as the flagship of the new generation of Android smart watches, as an important part of the OPPO smart wearable ecology, this time the OPPO Watch 2 series is based on the previous generation. , Brings dual-engine hybrid battery life 2.0, introduces a huge application ecology and new cross-device interconnection technology, and brings a more complete user health monitoring function. The OPPO Watch 2 series, which has both intelligence and battery life, will open a new chapter in the life of Zhimei Technology for users.

Oppo watch 2
Oppo watch 2

How to make smart watches have both smart and long battery life experience?

At the press conference, the well-known UP main geek bay in the digital zone of station B unveiled the working principle of UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology to the audience. The OPPO Watch 2 series is equipped with the flagship computing platform Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and the Apollo 4s chip jointly developed with Ambiq.

This time the OPPO Watch 2 series brought its answer: the innovative UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology, which combines the characteristics of “smart watch” and “sports watch”, so that users no longer need to do multiple-choice questions.  

Through the cooperation of the two chips, the OPPO Watch 2 series can intelligently switch the Android or RTOS system according to the user’s usage scenario.

Leading application ecology + cross-device interconnection to create a full-scenario smart life experience

Mobile phones can’t, watches can”, this is the best summary of the “full smart” experience of OPPO Watch 2 series. OPPO Watch 2 has an independent eSIM communication function, supports one-number multi-terminal + one-number single terminal call forwarding. When the phone is no longer by your side, OPPO Watch 2 helps you to be online at all times.

At the same time, on the new ColorOS Watch 2.0 system equipped with OPPO Watch 2, not only the smoothness of use has been improved again, but there are more than 50+ popular application.The function “real-time multi-screen” can display the prompt information of taxi and navigation software on the watch in real time, providing a more convenient and caring experience in travel scenes.

OPPO Watch 2 also brings the first “e-sports mode” of the watch for mobile game players. When there is an incoming call during the game, the watch can receive it, and there are also resurrection/take-off reminders. The game heart rate and physical fitness data are integrated into the “Super Battle Report”. Fun experience.

At the same time, OPPO Watch 2 is also a car key, which can open the car door by raising your hand. It also has practical functions such as camera assistant, music control, classroom mode, and NFC bus card.  

In the press conference, Chris used a video to demonstrate the operations of sending messages with OPPO Watch 2, unlocking the car, and finding charging piles with real-time cross-screen navigation. With the blessing of OPPO Watch 2’s application ecology + cross-device interconnection, the coveted full-scene smart life is only within reach.

Professional healthy exercise system, master your healthy life

Tense work day after day will make you neglect your own health. Therefore, you need a health assistant who understands you by your side. OPPO Watch 2 is an all-day health assistant, equipped with a 6-core optical sensor to achieve continuous blood oxygen monitoring per second; more professional sleep monitoring, combined with snoring risk warning function, more comprehensive protection of your sleep health; built-in professional heart rate monitoring.

The system takes care of each of your heartbeats 24 hours a day, and intelligently evaluates the user’s stress status, and reminds you to adjust the status at any time. With a variety of intimate health monitoring functions, OPPO Watch 2 professionally protects the health of you and your family.

OPPO pays more attention to the scientific nature of sports in the sports concept. GoMore, an exclusive cooperation with the Institute of Physical Education of the State General Administration of Sports, provides professional AI sports algorithm support. By testing the user’s physical condition, it can recommend sports plans for effective improvement. Athletic ability. With the support of professional hardware, the user’s exercise data is accurately measured, so that every exercise you make can be effective.

3D hyperbolic unbounded screen, unlock trend attributes on the wrist

OPPO Watch 2 46mm version is equipped with a 1.91-inch hyperbolic 3D flexible screen, which brings the ultimate boundless visual experience. The soft arc design is more suitable for the wrist arc, and it is lighter and thinner for more comfortable wearing; it also has 326 super The high PPI and 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut bring the fine visual perception of the same quality as flagship phones.For young people who like to pursue individuality, the dial naturally cannot follow the trend.

The OPPO Watch 2 series introduces a new light-painted dial and AI wear dial function. Use the light-painted dial to let yourself go, or you can wear it with the same dial today. You define, in addition, there are a large number of dials to choose from in the dial store, and there are more dynamic dials waiting for you to unlock more fun.

OPPO Watch 2 series, as a new generation of all-smartwatch flagship, combines many advantages such as long battery life, all-intelligence, and high-value appearance, bringing a rare and excellent product to smartwatch users.

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