No Man’s Sky Introduces Alien Settlements and Other New Features to Frontiers, Its 17th Update

Hello Games today confirmed the release of Frontiers , the 17th free update to No Man’s Sky that now allows users to explore procedurally generated alien settlements on each inhabited planet, while also introducing significant improvements to base construction.

Starting with the first, Frontiers presents a universe where pioneer aliens have come together in small communities, full of life and promise that the player, in fact, can directly manage by becoming their supervisor. “The settler population will come to you for city planning, treasury management, political decisions, and conflict resolution. Each settlement is procedurally generated, with unique buildings, neighborhood layouts, color schemes, and interior and exterior decoration, “explains Sean Murray on the PlayStation blog.

In base construction, a clean, minimal and contextual HUD has been introduced to place, scale, rotate and recolor the parts of the base that allows the user to see all the parts of your building in an easy to understand grid. Likewise, Hello Games has introduced a wide variety of new base pieces .

Finally, a new Expedition season stands out, the introduction of spectacular multicolored nebulae as well as better visual effects with more impressive combats .Borders comes shortly after the fifth anniversary of the launch of No Mans Sky , a controversial premiere that over time Sean Murray and the rest of the Hello Games team managed to redirect with the constant landing of free updates. This is the 17th, but not the last: “the journey continues . “

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