Nintendo’s Massive Crackdown on YouTube Videos Involves Using Its Creation Sound Effects

Nintendo has very strict controls on the various materials of its works, which has always been quite troublesome for the community who likes secondary creation. Recently, Nintendo again sent a large number of takedown requests to YouTube, and more than 1,300 videos need to be removed.

According to reports, Nintendo recently filed a large number of infringement requests to YouTube, and more than 1,300 videos using music from Nintendo’s works need to be removed from the shelves, including the “Legend of Zelda” series, “Super Smash Bros” series, “Super Mario” series and other 16 works.

Most of the videos that were requested to be removed from the shelves this time are not videos with advertising profits. In other words, they are mainly secondary creations that are not for profit purposes. However, Nintendo has always been known as the “kill without amnesty” legal department, so this situation is not surprising, but the creator community is still disappointed by this, and believes that the interactive creation of game manufacturers and players can bring more enrichment content, rather than unilateral consumption.

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