Mountain Everest Max review: the most amazing gaming keyboard that hides a secret

The world of keyboards is in full swing. Specifically, mechanical keyboards are experiencing a revolution at all levels and the Everest Max is probably the culmination of this madness for the keys.

The Mountain Everest Max is a mechanical gaming keyboard in TKL format very different from the usual ones: we can improve it with extra modules, it includes customizable screen keys and for the more daring, the possibility of changing not only the keys but the type of switch of the same. And all this without neglecting its high performance as a keyboard to play, to which now is added direct connection with OBS Studio.

Mountain Everest Max keyboard Specification

SWITCHESCherry MX (hot-swappable)
STABILIZERSCherry factory lubricated
POLLING RATE1000Hz / 1ms
MEMORYInternal for 5 profiles
WEIGHT1.3 kg
MATERIALAluminum and ABS
PRICEFrom 159 dollors

The Everest Max keyboard is available in two different configurations. We have the basic one that includes only the keyboard and that costs 159 dollor. And then we can buy the Max version for 249 dollor, which is the one we have tested and that we have available in two colors for the case as well as different types of Cherry switches to choose from.

An excellent finish with the added bonus of modularity

The Everest Max by Mountain is an elegant and very well built keyboard (double aluminum plate with RGB LED lighting between them) in TKL format, so it is especially compact although it also has a high weight that surprises when you take it. It is not at all a keyboard to move from one side to the other. So far nothing out of the ordinary.

The Everest Max design stands out both for its excellent finish and construction quality and for its curious system that allows other elements to be connected as modules that expand its functionalities.

What is different and interesting in this Mountain Everest Max is that in its design, zones have been enabled to allow a unique modularity in the market.

The Everest Max keyboard
The Everest Max keyboard with the three modules placed: the numeric, the multimedia and the pad

In this keyboard, we have the possibility of adding different elements that improve and complement the virtues of the mechanical keyboard. These connections are invisible to the user and are not limited to a specific area.

The numeric keyboard, for example, can be attached to both the right and the left, while the multimedia module supports positioning it at the top, also both on the right and on the left.

The Everest Max keyboard
Once placed, the module is perfectly integrated with the TKL keyboard

To achieve this, a connection system via USB-C and magnets is used. The system is easy to use both for inserting and removing the modules, but it is not a method to ensure grip and that everything forms a single product. If this were the case, there would be more risk of breakage of these elements.

In any case, placed on the table, the modules are perfectly interlocked with the keyboard and it is fully functional, which is what counts.

The third element that we can add is an essential , high-quality and soft wrist rest, which is attached magnetically so that it is easy and quick to remove if we prefer. However, that connection seemed quite weak to me and a simple hit or somewhat abrupt movement of the keyboard ends up dislodging it.

Mountain Everest Max
The connection system is via USB-C and some magnets

But the quite functional innovations that Mountain has made in the keyboard do not end in the modules. There is an excellent design exercise in other aspects such as the simple elevation of the keyboard.

In this Everest Max we have 8 stackable metal ring-type elements that act as legs. They provide excellent stability, control and precision over that lift. Here, the force with which they are attached to each other and with the keyboard itself is tremendously powerful and without any problem for functionality.

The Mountain Everest Max is a mechanical keyboard that we can connect to the computer with a single USB-C cable, but there are no wireless connectivity options

The connectivity is also at a good level on this keyboard, which is connected to our computer using a USB-C port that is hidden under the keyboard and guides for cables both the keyboard and other peripherals we connect itself, for example a mouse.

Mountain Everest Max keyboard
The wrist rest is comfortable and very quick to remove and put on

And it is that this keyboard also acts as a hub thanks to a USB 3.2 Gen 1 type A input. The rest of the USB-C ports, up to four, are only functional for the connection of the modules.

Mountain Everest Max keyboard review
Both for the main connectivity and for the hub we have guides under the keyboard for total flexibility

Two very practical removable modules

The basis of the modularity of this Everest Max is made up of two extras that come standard in the package: numeric pad and multimedia module.

The numeric module is nothing more than an element that adds a numeric keyboard to Everest Max. It complies perfectly when we need it, but to give it more value, Mountain has equipped it with an upper row of four buttons / direct access screen to certain applications or system actions that we can configure in the Base Camp application, both at the level of functionality as well as appearance, although the screens have a somewhat reduced quality and visibility.

Mountain Everest Max keyboard
The quality of the screens are not his strong suit, but they work

This numeric module, as we have advanced, we can connect it both to the right and to the left of the keyboard with great ease. But also, with the included extension cord, we can separate it slightly from the keyboard.

The second great addition of this Everest Max keyboard is the ” Media Dock “, which is placed on top of the TKL keyboard, basically providing multimedia controls and the LEDs to indicate the status of the keyboard (for example, the active caps lock or not).

But if this module stands out for something, it is for its full color circular IPS screen (240×240 pixels) and that is the access door to different control menus associated with this module. The screen serves as such but it is also a control wheel to move through it.

Everest Max keyboard
Integration of the multimedia dock with the keyboard

Among the options that we find on the screen of this multimedia add-on are from the simplest, which consists of showing a clock, to a fine control of screen brightness, keyboard backlighting, loading profiles associated with the keyboard or information about the status network, RAM in use and the like.

Controlling this multimedia module takes some getting used to at first, but right away we are getting a lot out of it to access settings and controls in a simple and direct way, especially with regard to the volume or brightness control of the keyboard and screen.

Mountain Everest Max keyboard
The screen acts as a control wheel to move around the interface

All the configuration and customization of the Mountain Everest Max keyboard goes through the Base Camp software, with a simple but powerful interface.

It includes controls and configuration to create and load usage profiles, control the keyboard lighting at all levels, manage the multimedia module and of course the programming of keys and macros with great ease as well as power.

Interchangeable switches for keyboard “nuts”

The module-based design should not divert attention from the keyboard itself, which is of excellent quality in almost all its sections.

For starters, it should be noted that the Mountain Everest Max keyboard uses Cherry MX switches as standard, as well as stabilizers also from the brand and lubricated at the factory. No fault in this regard. Neither with the quality of the standard keys, which yes, are made of ABS.

From this Everest Max we can not only change each key but also place the switches that we want for each of those keys

Despite this solid base, the strength of this Everest Max is the level of customization, admitting not only that we can change the keys on these switches but also themselves, being able to personalize the experience not only of the keyboard itself but of each of the keys.

Everest Max keyboard
In the kit comes everything you need to operate “open switch”

The Everest Max pack includes a box with different types of Cherry MX switches (there are five available: MX Blue, MX Red, MX Silver, MX Brown and MX Red Silent) as well as the necessary tools to perform the switch change on the keyboard. In this way, the user can assess which type of switch is closest to their preferred or necessary feedback according to the main use that they will make of the keyboard. All changes can be made ” hot “, that is, directly without disconnecting or turning off the keyboard.

About the behavior of the keyboard itself, we can only say that it is at the highest level of the market in terms of performance. It has a polling rate of 1000 Hz and full N-Key Rollover, so you won’t lose the data of any key you press no matter how fast you do it (even simultaneously).

In our gaming sessions and work to test it thoroughly we have not regretted any errors or failures due to the operation of the keyboard.

Another gaming aspect that is not lacking in this mechanical keyboard from Mountain is the lighting. We have individual RGB light with up to 16.7 million colors that we can configure as we have indicated in the Base Camp software.

Everest Max keyboard customisation
The construction quality and finishes of the Everest Max is excellent

The lighting is great thanks to the fact that the switches have translucent housings that generate an interesting effect.

Direct integration with OBS Studio: the secret

A well-kept secret by Mountain has been the update that this July comes to the Base Camp software and that, once the Everest Max keyboard has also been updated, adds a functionality that gives the keyboard a very interesting plus: direct integration with OBS Studio.

This novelty is very important for the manufacturer. Not in vain do we talk about one of the reference programs for streaming video games and content.

Having that key binding integration in a gaming keyboard officially, certified and guided by the keyboard application itself is almost a dream if you use this free software program. And more if you can also add the extra of the numeric pad screen to your favourite actions in OBS Studio.

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