Midea M7, the robot vacuum cleaner you need to forget about cleaning your home

Robot vacuum cleaners are getting smarter and more efficient, which is why models like Midea M7 succeed in the market by offering the best cleaning comforts.

Surely at some point you have considered buying a robot vacuum cleaner. It is logical, year after year they improve and become more comfortableIt is no longer just that they avoid having to do a chore as little entertaining as cleaning the floor, it is that they leave it better than us.

When it comes to evaluating the different manufacturers and models on the market, you may come across Midea, a leading company in China in all that refers to this equipment that has one of the most reliable robot vacuum cleaners of the moment: Midea M7.

In case you do not know it, we are going to show you everything that can help you when it comes to improving your life and cleaning your home. We assure you that it will leave you speechless with its benefits. Ready to change your cleaning routine? You can also check Robrock S7 robot vacuum cleaner here.

Explore your home to clean it thoroughly

Midea M7 Robot vacuum cleaner
Midea M7

For this robot vacuum cleaner to do its job,  first prepare a study of what your home is like in order to memorize each of the rooms, the obstacles and which are the areas that require more careful cleaning. 

When navigating, it uses LDS, a laser technology with which it scans the entire environment and prepares a map of the space  to be as efficient as possible when cleaning and offer the plan that best suits the needs. Because you have to take into account a series of pluses, such as the option to customize the areas where it will be cleaned, in what way and even to do it at specific moments.

For example, you can organize specific areas that require greater cleaning, such as the dining room, where the little ones play or the space for pets. In addition, being intelligent fall arrest and having a system capable of moving in the dark eliminates any concern that may exist on the part of the user.

An app that makes everything easy

Midea M7 a robot vacuum cleaner
Midea M7

As it could not be otherwise in a Midea product, when it comes to marketing this robot vacuum cleaner, an application has been created that manages to transform it into a device as useful as it is simple and fun in some moments.

Through the application you can access information about the cleaning history or the progress you are in if you are working. But the most interesting thing is the versatility that exists when it comes to choosing cleaning modes and signaling the M7 robot vacuum cleaner to clean a specific area of the house at some point.

And in order to make it even more useful, it is compatible with the most popular voice assistants to facilitate cleaning tasks, such as the Google Assistant and Alexa.

All cleaning options

Midea M7 vacuum cleaner
Midea M7

This robot vacuum cleaner has options available for different floors and carpets. It has a maximum suction power of 4,000 PA capable of vacuuming thoroughly, something enhanced by the roller brush with a V-shaped design. But it not only sucks, it also scrubs and has a 220 milliliter reservoir.

When cleaning the floor, it implements three power levels and controls the existing need in terms of suction and / or scrubbing. You can schedule or send it when you want it to specifically clean an area, or let it do it depending on the circumstances.

With the carpets, it adds a pressurization mode capable of locating if it is on one and changing the power to the maximum to leave it as clean as possible. We point out that it is also capable of rising up to two centimeters so as not to be trapped in any unevenness, because the needs are not the same on floors as on carpets.

Unmatched autonomy

In order to have the ability to clean the house as much as possible, it is important that a robot vacuum cleaner has plenty of autonomy so as not to interrupt the process in the middle. With Midea M7, an area of ​​up to 250 meters can be cleaned with a single charge.

For 180 minutes, if it is fully charged, you can be cleaning the house without interruption and overcoming all the obstacles you come across. This will help especially at times when there are more people in the house, holidays, birthdays, and other circumstances. In case it is necessary to be cleaning constantly, with its long autonomy it will be possible without major problems.

In addition, the device has automatic charging so when it is time to refill the battery, you will not have to worry about this either. As with the rest of the features of this robot vacuum cleaner, if you leave it programmed, it will only be in charge of carrying out each of the cleaning and maintenance tasks.

The quality is not incompatible with the price

Midea M7 is a unique robot vacuum cleaner and is ready to help in any situation. Its ability to map the house, avoid obstacles and clean all types of surfaces is more than interesting, but also the freedom and versatility that its application gives it transform it into a device that will help any type of home and user.

This does not mean that we are talking about an expensive robot vacuum cleaner, but one that is especially affordable with a price of only  286.85 euros when purchased through Aliexpress Plaza.

If you are tired of cleaning the house or need extra help to forget something as uncomfortable as sweeping and scrubbing, it is time to improve your life thanks to Midea M7 and new products from the brand that are about to see the light of day market. 

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