IPhone 13 stocking may be affected as two important parts manufacturers are affected by the epidemic

Apple says there can be problem in supply in Iphone 13

Apple has said earlier there might be problem in supply of Iphone 13/pro due to pandemic.

On August 31st, according to foreign media reports, a source revealed last week that analysts and research institutions are expected to return to the iPhone 13 series of smartphones released in September, which will be released on September 14 and will be accepted on September 17. Consumer reservations will go on sale on September 24, and Apple will release an invitation letter to the press conference on September 7.  

But at a critical juncture when September is about to enter, and only two weeks before the release time disclosed by the source, there has been unfavorable news that important parts suppliers have been affected by the epidemic, which may affect iPhone 13 stocking.  

Judging from foreign media reports, it is the multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) supplier Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Taiyo Yuden that are affected by the epidemic. Although it is still unclear what specific components the two manufacturers supply to Apple, their main product, multilayer ceramic capacitors, is a basic component widely used in electronic products. Apple products such as iPhone are no exception. These two companies are also Apple’s supplier list.

Foreign media mentioned in the report that Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the world’s main supplier of multilayer ceramic capacitors, accounting for 40% of the global supply. One of their factories was closed last week due to the outbreak. Their largest factory is located in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, which has reported 98 confirmed cases.

Yang Yudian was also affected by the epidemic in August. Because Malaysia required the factory to retain only 60% of its employees, the production capacity of its Malaysian factory was only over 80%, which failed to operate at full capacity.  

Foreign media also mentioned in the report that due to reduced output, Taiyo Yuden has extended the delivery time by 5-10 days, usually the longest delivery time is 45-55 days. The increase in the work of looking for vaccinated truck drivers and handling cargo flight procedures has also affected delivery.

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