These are the Importance of Wasps you should aware about

A new study shows how wasps are essential for pollination, crop protection and drug production.

There are different importance of wasps including cure of cancer. Bees are insects loved by people as they make honey, help pollinate the countryside and are officially the most important living being on the planet. On the other hand, the wasps, one of his closest relatives, do not enjoy the same fame. A study published recently in the journal Biological Reviews has compiled the evidence showing that wasps are valuable too.

Seirian Sumner, lead author of the article, said that “the hatred of wasps is due to ignorance, now we are beginning to understand that these insects are also valuable to ecosystems.”

In the publication they explain how wasps can help protect crops, which are often threatened by the action of other insects such as aphids and caterpillars. To avoid the effects of these pests, farmers spend large sums of money on insecticides. Wasps are generalist hunters and feed on different insects. For this reason they suggest that using wasps could be a solution to control these pests.

Insect pollination is essential for agriculture and its action is valued at 250,000 million dollars a year worldwide. The study highlights that wasps also exert an important pollinating action. The authors indicate that wasps frequent 960 plant species and some of these have even developed specific adaptations to attract them. For example, some species of orchids mimic the appearance of the rear end of female wasps. That’s why the researchers say wasps could serve as reserve pollinators.


Importance of Wasps

The one importance of wasps is that it helps in pollination. The authors also highlight the possibility of creating drugs from substances produced by wasps. For example, their venom and saliva have been shown to have antibiotic properties. The yellow jacket wasp species, Vespula germanica, has also been shown to provide a potential cancer treatment.

In addition, in some tropical countries, wasp larvae are already used as a food source. The authors hope to improve the reputation of these insects thanks to this publication and to raise awareness of their importance.

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