Humankind on Xbox Game Pass at launch: it’s one of the most anticipated strategy games

Xbox game pass,humankind is one of the most anticipated strategy video games by PC fans, so more than one will be happy to know that the promising Humankind will be available on Xbox Game Pass on PC from launch day, which means that the next 17 of August those subscribing to Microsoft’s paid service will be able to enjoy new work from the authors of the Endless Space series .

There are 60 cultures from the history of Humanity to define the course of your adventure”

Humankind is the convergence of culture, history and values ​​that allows you to create a civilization as unique as yourself”, highlights the Xbox Community Manager. “You will completely rewrite the narrative of human history (… without pressure) from its humble Neolithic origins, as you aspire to make your mark on the world. This is more than history, it is your history.”

Edited by Sega, the Amplitude Studios video game allows us to combine 60 historical cultures from ancient times and the modern era. “Each of these cultures brings with it new options that will allow you to follow almost infinite paths”, because in Humankind you have great freedom to customize your civilization in surprising ways.

In technoeager we were ready analysis and to enjoy a first contact with the game and in our technoeager we already told you that Humankind can dispute the throne to Civilization .This 4X strategy video game joins the Xbox Game Pass games for August , including such award-winning titles as the formidable Hades. If you are not subscribed to the service and are interested in enjoying its benefits, you can join Xbox Game Pass for 1 euro the first month.

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