How to use ChatGPT-4 for free

chatGPT-4 for free

The chatbot by OpenAI is even better thanks to ChatGPT-4 but not yet there for everyone. We explains how you can still use the OpenAI AI free of charge.

GPT-4 from OpenAI is known to have appeared. Anyone who already uses the chatbot ChatGPT based on it cannot easily switch to GPT-4. You would have to actually subscribe to the paid Plus version. But there is another way: ChatGPT-4 can be used free of charge if you accept a few small tricks. 

GPT-4 for free with Bing

Microsoft recently confirmed that its Bing search engine has been using GPT-4 for a few weeks. And the waiting list that may be displayed for the use of GPT-4 in Bing does not mean a long wait either – simple clicks are enough and you are in. That worked well with the predecessor ChatGKPT 3.5.

GPT-4 free with Edge 111

The free use of ChatGPT-4 with the Microsoft Edge browser works just as well (see photo). Clicking on the Bing icon – or hovering over it with the mouse – opens the new Edge co-pilot, behind which is none other than ChatGPT with GPT-4. Under Chat you will find the classic chatbot with the conversation styles “Creative”, “Balanced” and “Accurate”. Under Compose, let the AI ​​write texts. And under Insights you get more information and suggestions for the visited website.

GPT-4 free in other ways

At Microsoft, OpenAI and ChatGPT seem to have more doors open. LinkedIn also wants to integrate the power of the new language model, as reported by the news portal The platform offers tools that allow users to create personalized profiles and job descriptions using an AI model. Users then only have to make simple entries. LinkedIn announced that premium subscribers will try the tools before they are made available to regular subscribers.The language learning app Duolingo also uses GPT-4 – for dialogue training. The technology of the current chatbot should only be available in a new subscription – a so-called top-tier subscription, as ZDnet reports. And the vision aid app Be My Eyes will also work with GPT-4 in the future, according to Business Wire. It is questionable whether all of this will remain so. Because it certainly also depends on whether OpenAI introduces an upper limit due to the high demand. As the manufacturer recently announced, there should be further subscription levels for using GPT-4 depending on the number of hits. But free access is not excluded at the moment.

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