How to stream Paramount Plus worldwide

The Paramount Plus streaming service cannot be received everywhere. With a VPN you can also stream Paramount Plus abroad and access films and series worldwide – including the Champions League.

The streaming service Paramount Plus has launched worldwide, but is still not available everywhere. As a Paramount customer in unsupported countries, you must therefore expect that your subscription will sometimes go on strike when traveling abroad. In addition, the Paramount program varies considerably depending on the region. In the USA, for example, you get the NFL and UEFA Champions League with your subscription, but not in Germany. Read the guide on how to stream Paramount abroad and watch programs from other countries.

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is the official streaming service of the media group Paramount Global (formerly ViacomCBS), whose film studio has brought world-famous cinema successes such as “The Godfather”, “Star Trek” and the “Rocky” film series to the big screen.

As part of this group, Paramount Plus has access to a gigantic pool of Hollywood films, including many exclusive titles. This also includes popular TV series such as “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner as well as numerous originals such as “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”, “Tulsa King” and “Halo”. You can find a current overview here.

Thanks to its ViacomCBS roots, Paramount Plus also has a variety of television shows from Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon. Reality shows, music formats, documentaries, children’s television, comedy, science programs and lots of lavishly produced television series are shown here.

Champions League and NFL at Paramount USA

In the US, Paramount Plus has a special treat in store for its subscribers. As a US customer, you can watch the UEFA Champions League and National Football League games as well as many other sports in the live stream at no extra charge. This live sports program is exclusively available in the USA. Unfortunately, your country Paramount account does not work here. We explain how to become a Paramount USA customer in the “ Subscribe to Paramount Plus in the USA ” section.

Watch Paramount Plus abroad

Stream Paramount Plus
Paramount Plus

What is taken for granted at home can quickly become a problem on vacation. If you travel to a country where Paramount Plus is not officially available, such as Spain or Greece, the screen will remain dark. In this case, the EU Portability Regulation, which normally removes geoblocking for a certain period of time, does not help.In addition, you must generally expect restrictions or deviations from the domestic program in non-European countries. The selection of titles varies depending on the region and certain download content is suddenly no longer accessible, even if you have already downloaded it.However, these geo-restrictions can be avoided. If you want to enjoy your favorite series undisturbed while on vacation, you will need an IP address from your country when traveling abroad in order to stream the usual Paramount program. This is particularly convenient via VPN

Received foreign Paramount Plus

Suppose in Germany or Spain you will only see the streaming catalog that Paramount Plus provides in these country. But what if you could tap into Paramount programming from other countries to receive films, series and even live sports like the Champions League?The regional differences in the Paramount program are primarily due to licensing reasons. But this also ensures that Paramount customers in some countries get significantly more for their money than elsewhere. With a VPN you take advantage of this fact.The VPN gives you an IP address from a country of your choice and overcomes geoblocking. This way you can watch programs and content that are not normally available in Germany. We’ll explain how this works in the next section.

Stream Paramount Plus with VPN

Obtaining IP addresses from other countries, such as Germany or Canada, is one of the specialties of a VPN service. The providers usually operate VPN servers worldwide and provide you with an IP address from your desired country at the push of a button – assuming the VPN provider is actually active there.Before you can start streaming Paramount Plus with VPN, you first need an account with the streaming service. You can read how to register there here. If you would like to set up a US account, see the “Subscribe to Paramount Plus in the USA” section. Once you have the Paramount account, you’re good to go:

Quick guide

  1. Get a VPN service and set up the software on your device.
  2. Start the VPN software and then connect to the desired location.
  3. Open the Paramount Plus homepage or the app, enter your login details and stream the program.

In this way, you can use your Paramount account to watch programs from other countries, such as Canada, where the streaming catalog is significantly more extensive than the German program.

The United States represents a special case. To access Paramount USA, you must have your own US account with the streaming service, more on this below.

Subscribe to Paramount Plus in the US

If you like watching films and series in the original English, then you will benefit twice from a Paramount Plus subscription in the USA. The 

subscription price is cheaper than in Germany, 5.99 US dollars per month compared to 7.99 euros. On top of that, you can watch US television and lots of live sports here.

Fans of soccer and American football in the live stream in particular will get their money’s worth. The range of offerings ranges from the NFL, UEFA Champions League and Europa League to the top football leagues from Italy, Brazil, Argentina and other countries.

US Paramount only with US account

While you can also use your German Paramount Plus account in other countries where the streaming service is represented, an exception applies to the USA. Technically speaking, it is a completely different service. 

Therefore, you must have a US account with Paramount Plus in the United States; foreign accounts do not work.

Subscription only with US credit card

US-Paramount-Plus is also very selective when it comes to payment methods, as it almost exclusively accepts 

payment methods from the USA. This applies to credit and debit cards as well as PayPal accounts. Fortunately, there is an alternative that can circumvent this check.

Alternative: take out a subscription with credit

With a suitable Paramount Plus gift voucher, you can easily take out a US subscription to the streaming provider, which you can regularly feed with fresh vouchers. These digital gift cards can be purchased in special online shops such as Eneba, Gamivo or Seagm. Make sure the voucher is suitable for the USA region. You don’t need a VPN to purchase the gift cards. Once you have the voucher code, follow these instructions to redeem the credit.

  1. Launch the VPN software on your device and connect to the USA.
  2. Open Paramount’s Redeem website in your browser (preferably in incognito mode) and enter the voucher code in the Pin input field. Confirm by clicking Redeem.
  3. Now enter your login details for registration and click Continue.
  4. By clicking on Select Plan you select the subscription you want.
  5. Click on your profile picture and you will be taken to the homepage. Now enjoy the programming from Paramount USA.

Note: If an error message appears when registering or logging in (e.g. Invalid token ), then this is probably due to the VPN location you have chosen. In this case, close the browser, delete all Paramount cookies and select another US location or VPN server in the VPN software. Then open the browser again and repeat the process.

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