How to record the screen in Windows 11 with Xbox game bar

Xbox game bar, today we are going to explain help to record the screen in Windows 11 without programs and without installing anything. We will only use a native function that the system has inherited from Windows 10, Xbox game bar . It is a bar that appears when you press a certain combination of keys, and that takes you to a screen where you can add different widgets, including a performance meter or the option to take screenshots.

This native Windows 11 bar is going to make things very easy for you, but it has some limits. You will not be able to record screen on desktop or file explorer . It is a function designed to record video game games, although you can also record what you do in any other application, or even your browser.

Record screen with Xbox Game Bar

The first thing you have to do is press the Windows + G keys on your keyboard at the same time. This is the shortcut that will open the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 11.

Xbox game bar
Xbox game bar

A bar with options will appear at the top of the screen, and perhaps a few more windows will open at the same time on the sides. The bar is the Xbox Game Bar, and the other windows are your widgets. But let’s focus on the catch. For this, you have to have the capture widget activated, which has a camera icon on the top bar.

In the Capture window that opens at the same time as the Xbox bar in Windows 11, you will see that there are several options. To record the screen you have to press the record button , which has the characteristic point in the middle. To its right, you can activate or deactivate the microphone depending on whether you want to record yourself speaking. There is also a camera icon for taking screenshots. You can also start recording by pressing Windows + Alt + R at any time.

When the recording starts, an overlay window will appear even when you close the Xbox Game Bar. This window will not appear in the recording, it is simply a display that tells you how long you have been and has basic controls such as stopping the recording or activating or deactivating the microphone. You can stop the recording whenever you want in this window by pressing the stop button.

From the Xbox Game Bar itself, you have a button to access all the recordings you have . This will open an internal window, but if it does not convince you or gives you problems, from there you can also open the file explorer to the folder where they are saved.

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