How to hide your Wi-Fi network (SSID)

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Today, we can configure our router so that only a selective group of people can have Wi-Fi connections at home or at work, this in order to improve operation and optimize the internet connection and avoid excess devices. connected.

In this way, to summarize it, we bring a short, but precise tutorial so that you can protect your Wi-Fi network from those people who are somewhat exploited to connect to Wi-Fi networks without your consent. So, pay attention to the steps to follow so that you can execute it effectively.

Access your router settings

The first step is to enter the settings of your router, that is where you can directly modify all aspects of your internet connection. Typically, “” is written without quotes in the browser bar. It is almost always done this way, but if it does not work, it is necessary to consult the router manual or refer to the specific model from the manufacturer’s website.

Once the above is done, you will be on the access page, where you must proceed to click on Username and password. Mostly, it is usually “ Admin ” as the user and “ 1234 ” as the password, although there are cases where these cases may vary due to the company that provides the internet.

SSID settings to configure Wi-Fi network

Hide your wi-fi network SSID
Router wifi setup

The SSID of a Wi-Fi network is solely and exclusively the name of the network that appears when you search for the connection to proceed to connect. Also, it can be WLAN or whatever you choose, since this is a fully configurable field, in this case our objective is to hide the name, but not change it.

To do this, once you access the router configuration, you must go to the Wireless network section. Here, you will see an option whose name corresponds to SSID settings, SSID Settings or similar.

Hide Wi-Fi network

Once this is done, within the settings there is a box called Hide SSID, this is the one you must select to hide the connection. But be careful, because once this is done, it will not even appear to yourself.

It is essential to write down the name of the network on some paper, or change it to something easier to remember. Next, they will begin the manual search to connect to the network, which is done as follows.

If you do the procedure from a mobile phone, you have to go to the configuration or settings section. Select Wi-Fi, then all the available networks will appear, at the bottom the “other” function will appear. Once here, they will write the name of the network or the name that you configured for it. Select the type of password, it is advisable not to enter it, since it will be a hidden network that only you will know and have access to. Thus, in the password type, select the one you have and you will exit that section, in the upper tab you will see the option to connect and that’s it, you will have your network hidden easily.

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