Hogwarts Legacy would arrive in September, as official art book would have revealed

Hogwarts Legacy would have been dated for September 2022, although it is not yet official. But his official art book has been dated by then, which would leave little to surprise.

Hogwarts Legacy and its premiere this year continue to be “confirmed” everywhere. Now it seems that this release date of the new Harry Potter game would have been leaked for September 2022.

It is often said that when the river sounds, it carries water, but in this case it would have video games. According to what we can read in The Rowling Library, the game’s art book will be published by that date.

“Insight Editions will publish ‘The Art of Creating Hogwarts Legacy’, a book that will accompany the next open world game based on the RPG of the Wizarding World”, they affirm from the web.

Obviously, this is not confirmed yet and would have to be seen. But what is clear is that the new Warner Bros game does nothing but continue to confirm itself for this 2022.

Various official sources have been anticipating it after rumors of its delay to 2023. Of course, to try to deny that development is going well and Hogwarts Legacy is still scheduled for 2022.

First it was the Warner Bros account in Brazil, later an insider confirmed it for the summer and the official page of the Harry Potter universe confirmed it for this 2022; without forgetting that the CEO of Warner also advanced it.

However, it seems the news about Hogwarts Legacy in September has been coming for a few days now. And it is that the accngt leaker on Twitter left some details of the game in a recapitulated tweet.

Gameplay trailer in February/March, they are going to premiere in September, with many multiplayer elements and they are already in the translation phase; Sumo Digital has helped a lot in their development“.

And it is these rumors that now sound again thanks to the publisher of the book authored by Jody Revenson. Many fans of the Harry Potter universe will know him from many other books in the saga.

Although this is not confirmed, the publication date could be related to the premiere of the video game, which is not yet known“, can be read at the end.

This official art book – like many others – would not be published without first having the original material for sale, as in this case the Hogwarts Legacy video game .

It’s still too early to give dates, but what if Hogwarts Legacy arrives between September 1 and 5, 2022 ?

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