Google Workspace to everyone: these are the features that you can now use for free

Any Google user can access from today for free all the functions of Workspace that until now were only available in paid accounts, such as the suggestions of intelligent autocompletion of texts in the mail and online documents, the possibility of mentioning other users using @ to add them to tasks and display documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Meet video calls, Americans have reported on their blog.

In addition to these functions, Google will also open its Rooms, a collaborative workspace that until now was only for Workspace clients, to all its users, and has reported that it will be enabling a series of new tools throughout the summer on this platform to improve cooperation between users . With this transformation, Google Rooms will change its name and will be renamed Spaces.

Google explains that it is creating a new user interface optimized for team collaboration with which it wants to facilitate online conversation on the same screen as shared documents that multiple people are working on. He has also reported that this new space will have presence indicators, custom statuses, expressive reactions and a collapsible view to minimize chat when a more complete view of the file is needed. So it’s going to adopt a lot of features similar to Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Google Workspace
Google Workspace

Once available, Spaces will be integrated into Gmail and will appear in a button on the left sidebar next to Meet Mail, Chat, or Video Calls.

To activate the free Workspace features , the user must activate Google Chat by going to the Gmail settings window, click Chat and Meet, select Google Chat, activate it, and save the changes.

Google Workspace Individual

Apart from offering Workspace functions free of charge that until now were paid, Google has announced a premium version of this same product aimed at small businesses: Google Workspace Individual.

Californians explain that this product will have all the functions of Workspace and a number of professional tools, such as smart reservation services, professional video calls or personalized email marketing, to help small businesses sell their goods and services. All this in the same workspace and with access to Google technical support.

Google Workspace Individual will soon launch in six markets, not including Europe: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Japan. The Americans have not specified when it will be available to customers from the Old Continent or the price it will have.

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