Google Display: what it is and what it is for?

Google Display is not a new television of the North American brand. Nor is it that the tech giant has entered the display market. And no, Google Display is not a television service either. So what exactly are we talking about? In this article we answer that and other questions. You will know what exactly Google Display is, what famous brand product it is associated with and what its main objectives are.

What does Google make money with?

Before going into the subject and explaining what Google Display is, we must review some aspects related to the business that the company supports. It is important to identify what your primary source of income is, because it is closely related to Google Display.

When we take a quick look at the company’s portfolio of services, something curious immediately comes to light: almost none of its products cost the user money. For example, we have Google Docs, a complete office suite, and 15 GB on Google Drive for free. The only requirement is to have an active Google account.

And the same happens with the search engine, the assistant, Gmail and YouTube. Of course, some forms of these services are paid. Without going any further, YouTube has a premium version and a paid musical variant. But all of that is cash for Google.

Advertising: Google’s Real Income

What really inflates the coffers of the great corporation that is Google is advertising. Such effective advertising thanks to the data that we provide as users when using their services in our day-to-day life. Google AdWords, or what is the same, its advertising program, brings billions of dollars to the company.It is possible that you already knew this fact or that you have discovered it by reading these lines.

In any case, the next time you do a Google search, take a look at the first results. Most of them are sponsored and do not appear in the header of the search engine by chance. This pattern is repeated by other platforms, such as Gmail, YouTube, and Maps. However, those are not the only places where Google introduces advertising.

Google Display: what is it exactly?

After this brief review of the techniques that have led Google to be the giant that it is today, it is time to address the main question of this article. What is Google Display? In reality, this cannot be considered a product as such. Rather, it is a colloquial term to refer to a tool that the company uses to fill the Internet with advertisements and advertising messages.

Google Display
Google Display

Google Display is nothing more than the Display network. According to the company itself, and we quote verbatim, “it is a set of more than two million websites, applications and videos in which your Google ads can appear.” In other words, it is a large amalgamation of placements on the web that serve as exhibitors for Google ads.

Google Display is present for 90% of Internet users, according to Comscore. And this has generated a trend in which both parties benefit. In the case of Google, it wins because it manages to take its advertising to practically every corner of the network. And in the case of websites, applications and video platforms, because they generate income without the need to close advertising contracts.

What is Google Display or the Display network for?

As we have already discussed, the Display Network is Google’s way of taking its ads to a long list of sites, in addition to its own products. It also helps web portals to use your traffic and generate money. But Google Display has other cool features.

Google network
Google Display Network

Sell ​​targeted advertising

As with its long list of services, Google Display ads are targeted. This means that each user will see a specific advertisement adapted to their needs. The advertising segmentation proposed by Google is based on different variables. Contexts are used, such as specific pages or interests. It is also possible to screen the ads taking into account the audience. And even Google allows you to establish geographic patterns to make the ads more effective. The Display Network aims to show personalized advertising to each visitor.

Capture the potential customer’s attention

Another basic function of Google Display, that is, the ad network, is to capture the attention of potential customers earlier in the purchase process. To understand it better, think for a moment when you need a specific household product. To locate it, you do a search on Google.

There are some ads that take you to stores that offer what you are looking for. At that point, your intention to buy is already quite large. However, with the Display Network, ads grab your attention even before you’ve thought about buying anything. They are messages that help brands to remind you what interests you, connect with you and invite you to visit their website.

Facilitate all types of companies to have a presence on the Internet

We end by talking about one last feature of Google Display or the Google Display Network. We refer to facilitating that all types of businesses, regardless of whether they are larger or smaller, are advertised on a large number of portals.

As if it were a large counter, Google Display will take the ads of a company where they will have the most effect. Remember that Display is a network of more than two million websites, as well as applications and videos. Its potential is enormous, but it is also simple to use and campaigns are launched with relatively little investment.

Google Display: an advertising network full of possibilities

The advantages of using Google Display are clear. It gives access to a very extensive advertising network and makes it accessible to all types of companies. In addition, it allows the ads to be more effective, launching the appropriate messages for each type of audience. It also helps increase conversions through automation. The system that Google has designed is in charge of verifying with which type of users the best results are obtained.

As a consequence, the investment made in advertising is more profitable.As we said at the beginning, Google has not launched into the construction of televisions or screens. Actually, Google Display, or as it is officially called, the Display Network, is one of its most successful tools. One that helps you raise the majority of your income. And you, what do you think of Google’s strategy when it comes to generating profits?

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