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eSim virtual phone number
eSim Virtual Number

Having a virtual number allows you to have a second WhatsApp account if you register it with the application. So you can alternate your personal and work life, make use of that second account so as not to have inconveniences in the main one or any other use that you want to give it: we will tell you how you can get a second number from your mobile.

To have a second WhatsApp you must have an alternative phone number since it is impossible to register without a phone line . Having it is not too difficult because it is enough to make a contract, obtain a prepaid number or add a new line to the existing rate, but they are not the only ways: it is also possible to acquire a virtual number . They are cheaper than any contract rate and can be obtained after downloading an application: they are very useful when a second WhatsApp is needed, either on time or for a certain time.

A virtual number that does not need a SIM card

The virtual numbers usually offer the same services as a phone ‘non – virtual’, but make use of data networks instead of telephone . To manage them, use is made of the web or an application: it is common for the companies that offer these numbers to use these two management methods. And the second is the one that interests us the most: in this way the user can make calls (VoIP), receive them and make use of SMS, combining these services with those of the smartphone , those that come with their SIM (or dual SIM).

Since it is necessary to verify WhatsApp with a telephone number, and that this will be associated with the account, it is essential that the virtual number acquired is compatible with the delivery of verification SMS . Not all virtual numbering companies offer this service even if they integrate SMS: it is common for them to block the delivery of two-step verification messages, such as WhatsApp.

After analyzing several applications, and checking the positive and negative evaluation of each one, we have opted for eSIM Number : it offers a good service, the app is ready to register a WhatsApp account and everything is done from the mobile. The fees are not too expensive either.

Once the application is installed, let’s see how to obtain a second number with which to open a WhatsApp account:

  • Open eSIM Number and enter your phone number. It is essential for verification.
  • Click on ‘Phone numbers’, the icon at the top left. The app offers a toll-free number from the United States if you accumulate coins, but it’s not worth it (unless you want to waste your time downloading games and watching ads).
  • Choose ‘ Social media numbers ‘ to acquire a number suitable for 2-step verification SMS.
  • Follow the steps and choose a numbering. They are international numbers .
  • Select the plan you want: monthly or yearly. If you need a second WhatsApp on time, our recommendation is that you try the service for only one month: the annual registration will invoice twelve months at a time. Of course, in this second way it is much cheaper.
  • After the process you will already have a virtual number active. You can choose it by default for your communications or keep your SIM number by default. We recommend the latter to save you inconvenience and extra call charges ( the virtual number does not have SMS and unlimited calls ).
  • Confirm your phone number and you already have the virtual number active: at the bottom of the application you have access to calls, SMS, voicemail and forwarding.
  • Finally, download the WhatsApp application on the second phone you use (or duplicate the application if you already use a WhatsApp account) and register it with the virtual number. Confirm with the SMS that WhatsApp sends you to the second number and you will have it active.
Virtual Number for WhatsApp
eSim Activation for WhatsApp

The service works perfectly, we have personally verified it. It is not too expensive, the application imitates an eSIM (it is not, it works under the data of the rate), it allows you to register a WhatsApp number without any impediment and also use that new account for everything that is expected from WhatsApp: messages, voice notes, calls and video calls. It is a very practical way to get a second number with the simplicity of downloading an application.

You must bear in mind that, since it is a virtual number, it is best to use it with special emphasis on your privacy and security . Also, remember that the billing is monthly: if you are not going to use it for more than a month remember to cancel the subscription on Google Play. Download the app

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