GameMaker is now free to create 2D games for non-commercial use

GameMaker, a well-known and respected tool in the world of 2D game development, has released its version 2023.8.2.108, marking a turning point in accessibility and versatility for creators of all levels. This game engine is distinguished by its focus on ease of use, allowing developers, both novice and experienced, to turn their ideas into attractive and functional games.

The new version promises to be a catalyst for developers looking to bring their games to popular platforms such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, opening up a world of opportunities to reach wider audiences.

One of the great advantages of GameMaker is its flexible pricing model, adapted to different types of users. The basic version of GameMaker is completely free for non-commercial use, which is encouraging news for enthusiasts and emerging developers looking to explore the world of game development without an upfront investment.

For those who aspire to monetize their creations, GameMaker offers a Commercial License at a cost of $99.99. This license is essential for developers who plan to sell their games or generate income through them. Remember that, to bring games to consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, it is necessary to opt for the Business Subscription, an investment that opens doors to a broader and potentially more lucrative market.

GameMaker Featured Features

GameMaker stands out for its rich variety of intuitive and powerful tools designed to make creating 2D games easy. These features are accessible to both beginners and experienced developers, providing a flexible and creative environment.

Room Editor:  The Room Editor is a central tool in GameMaker, allowing users to design and organize the ‘rooms’ or levels of their games. It offers control over the camera, design tools and the ability to add or remove elements, making it easy to build complex game worlds.

WorkSpaces  WorkSpaces are customizable work areas that help optimize productivity. They allow developers to organize their work environment according to the specific needs of their project, providing a more efficient and orderly user experience.

Item Editor and Image Editor:  The Item Editor and Image Editor are essential for customizing and bringing game elements to life. These tools allow you to create and edit objects, as well as design 2D game assets, from sprites to backgrounds and animations.

Sprites and Sequences:  GameMaker makes it easy to create and import sprites , character animations, and tile sets. Cutscenes further enhance the experience, allowing developers to create advanced animations and cutscenes, enriching the game’s narrative and aesthetics .

Tilesets and Debugger:  Tilesets are essential for fast and efficient level design, offering tools such as tile brushes and animated tiles The Debugger is a crucial tool for identifying and resolving errors, ensuring that the game runs smoothly.

GameMaker also includes features for network management and monetization , such as in-app purchases and push notifications. These features are vital for developers looking to create online games and generate income through their projects.

What’s new in Version 2023.8

One of the most notable updates is the fix of licensing issues for SSO and Legacy users. This ensures a smoother and more seamless user experience. Additionally, the interface has received an aesthetic makeover, especially on the homepage template screens, making navigation and project selection more intuitive and visually pleasing.

GameMaker now allows greater integration with external tools. This flexibility allows developers to use their preferred programs to edit and manage different file types, which is a huge step forward in terms of customization and workflow efficiency.

Tab management in workspaces has been improved to prevent them from being accidentally separated. Additionally, a bug reporting tool has been introduced within the help menu, making it easier for users to report problems and track them through a public bug database.

The GameMaker runtimes have received a substantial update, with the addition of new features for creating GUI elements for debugging and layout, support for arrays and tilemaps in collision functions, and more. This represents a huge step forward in terms of game design and debugging capabilities.

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