Today:Firefox updates in Microsoft Store, Download Free games and more

Windows 10 has been with us for more than six years since its official launch in the summer of 2015 and has undergone many changes. However, there are certain sections or sections of the system that do not have expected acceptance, as is the case with the Microsoft Store.

It is true that any operating system worth its salt, whether mobile or desktop, must have one that has its own powerful applications. In the present case, this is covered by the aforementioned Microsoft Store that we find in the latest Windows systems. Mainly due to the little success that this section has had over the last six years, the firm has made a decision.

This is something that has become effective in the new operating system released only a few weeks ago, we refer to Windows 11. Here, in addition to an important change that has been carried out in the user interface, some very interesting changes have been integrated into the aforementioned Microsoft Store. Among the modifications that have been carried out, we can highlight the arrival of applications to download that are not UWP.

Firefox is updated, for the first time, from the Microsoft Store

A clear example of all this is found in one of the most popular browsers in the world, Mozilla Firefox. We recently informed you that it was available in the aforementioned official Microsoft system store. Well, now we will tell you that it has received the first specific update for the Microsoft Store. This is the new Firefox 94.0.2 that is currently being seen on all compatible computers.

It is worth mentioning that it solves a single problem in the version of Firefox for the Microsoft Store, although it is also launched on all platforms, we refer to Linux, Mac and Windows. For those of you who do not know, we will tell you that the aforementioned version of the Microsoft Store is automatically updated through the store itself.

Microsoft had a solution like Teams decades ago

Of the many platforms and programs currently running Microsoft, Teams is one of the most successful in recent months. Based on the fact that it is a platform that allows us to establish communications through the internet with any user in the world or in a group, we understand why. It is precisely for all this reason that the firm does not stop improving and expanding the functions of Microsoft Teams based on the updates that it is sending.

However, we have recently read on Twitter that the software giant already had a utility for years that offered us a similar experience. We refer to the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server package, which at the time allowed us to carry out these same tasks. Sure, the functional and appearance difference of that time if we compare it with the current Teams, is evident, but the objective was practically the same.

Download and enjoy these free games now

Almost all of us like gifts, something that extends to the software sector. That is why we are going to talk about the possibility of obtaining three totally free games right now. We chose all this because if you have an account in the official Epic Games store, from now on you will be able to add three new titles to your library without having to pay a single euro.

What is important here and we have to know is that this free offer has a limited time. It will be available to all users who want to benefit from it for the next seven days. Therefore, if we have an account here, we should take a look at the corresponding client as soon as possible. In this case we will have the titles Guild Of Dungeoneering, KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION and Never Alone.

Free games available today
Free games available today

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