Few things are as wonderful as advertising in those old computer magazines

Advertising in magazines is almost dead with evolution of digital services. Perhaps today we find it strange, but there was a time when there was no internet and television advertising was extremely expensive, this caused magazines to be the queens in the world of advertising. A printed advertisement allowed to fill an entire page with text without mercy and this was not frowned upon, since it was necessary to take advantage of the medium and exploit it as much as possible.

Therefore, today we decided to unearth some retro technology advertisements and pay a little tribute to those minds that had to saturate and put as much information as possible on a computer magazine page. A trip back in time before there were keynote presentations, visuals packed commercials, the world of terabytes, ‘smart’ devices, and ‘magic’ accessories.

Nowadays, with the birth of new formats, print advertising is about to die, in addition to that such advertising has taken an important turn by basing its content on images that impact supported by little or no text, that is, the opposite to what we saw a few years ago .

When 10MB was a strong investment

Hard disk -Advertising in magazines

The “low cost” computers with integrated disk and even floppy bays

Low cost hard disk

Does anyone remember Lotus? Well, that’s how they promoted their powerful new search engine

Lotus search engine

This is what computer security looked like several years ago: disks up to 58MB!

Disk drive 58 MB

Finally, a word processor appeared that printed the same thing we saw on the screen. Yes, a true innovation

Early wordprocessor

When the concept of ‘real-time operations’ was used very lightly

Real Time computing

Can a modem be sexy? A genius thought so

Compatible Modem

In 1976 they sold us the Apple I

Apple 1

Two bytes are better than one and the mystery of the ‘sexy nerd’


This new 16K RAM card turns our computer into a giant. Literally


2 cents for a byte of RAM! These were bargains

2 Byte RAM

The idea of ​​”power” was very different from what it is today

Lotus 123

Verbatim claimed that a piano concerto would fit perfectly on one of their 5.25-inch records. Of course we do not want to imagine at what quality

Flat Mini

Sony arrives and launches 3.5-inch discs with 2MB capacity! A revolution

advertising floppy disks in magazines

It seems that Apple’s obsession with slim devices is nothing new, albeit well …

Captain Kirk himself announcing Commodore VIC 20! We don’t need to say more

advertising computer in magazines

A personal computer that we could also take with us, an innovation that cost us $ 1,795

advertising Personal Computers in magazines

A huge business computing system. Huge in size and price

advertising IBM 5110 in magazines

Yes, it is a ‘laptop’, and it could also be connected to the television (we cannot imagine charging this to cover an event)

Portable computer disk storage

And the color screens arrived

Computer Advertising

“If personal computers are for everyone, why not prices”, to date we continue to ask ourselves

advertising PC in magazines

What the hell is an email? We are fans of this ad

Email advertising

When Apple was innovating like this, it announced the arrival of ‘Cut and Paste’ to the Macintosh in 1984

Macintosh Cut and Paste

Innovation was also when another ‘genius’ appeared and created this monstrosity

Keyboard advertising in magazines

Via | Byte Magazines in Archive.org

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