Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is going downhill and does not go back with its season 2 on Steam

Last August, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout arrived setting a trend on PC (Steam) and PS4 (PlayStation Plus): more than a million and a half players at its premiere, even with servers giving problems; Million-dollar sales on the Valve platform, endless content and memes taking over social networks, collaborations with series such as Half-Life and jokes with CD Projekt . And then? As other popular games like Among Us – a rediscovery, actually, of a 2018 title – or Genshin Impact have arrived, things have gotten quite cold in the Mediatonic community.

Consulting Steam Charts, one can see that the game registers a historical peak of more than 172,000 players in the computer version, but this week the activity oscillates between slightly less than 14,000 in good hours, and less than 7,000 in bad hours. The curve that separates one from the other seems to soften even more in the hours prior to the writing of these lines, and there are no important news announced that show a drastic change in this trend.

It still has a more or less healthy community, but without great news announced

That a game like this is a short-lived success will not take many by surprise, but it is perhaps somewhat alarming to learn that Season 2 , released in October (just a couple of months after launch) has failed to particularly reignite the interest of his supporters: his arrival marked a respectable jump from 40,000 to 80,000 players, but he returned to the decreasing pace he was accumulating until then in a matter of ten days.

I insist: this information corresponds only to the PC (steam) version of Fall Guys, and although it is difficult to keep track of the activity of a game on PS4, one can assume that the global count is still relatively healthy. Mediatonic continues to supply new outfits, tryouts and various collaborations to its audience. I had the opportunity to analyze Fall Guys in Technoeager in an article closed like this: “You will have to make an effort to constantly renew your level template if you want to maintain that attention, because it cannot be said that it is a complex or deep game; the first round of levels can start to become repetitive in a few hours. “

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