Facebook against Apple: the social network wants to show creators that other companies charge more

New episode in the battle between Facebook and Apple. Facebook against Apple is the privacy issue for collecting user data by the app for diffent purposes. The social network has announced news that hide a direct message to the iPhone company on the same day that it celebrated its developer event.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier in the week that he will wait until 2023 to collect part of the revenue that creators earn by using his platform to distribute their work or announce events to followers.

This is one of the announcements that the company has made during a conference, the social network wants to attract more content creators and that these generate paid online events, the subscriptions of their fans, badges and other functions that the platform provides. It is a statement to other websites such as Google or other social networks in which content creators are also promoted.

However, it is not the only blow of effect that Zuckerberg has wanted to give against the rest of the industry. ” When we introduce a revenue share, it will be less than 30% of what Apple and others get, ” said the CEO of Facebook. A very clear message to Apple, a company with which it has maintained a tense relationship for years and especially now that they are more in conflict with the ATT (App Tracking Transparency ) newcomer to iOS.

We are launching a new payment interface so creators can see how fees and taxes from different companies are affecting their profits, ” he adds. Zuckerberg refers with these statements to the rate that Apple charges all developers who want to sell their applications in the company’s App Store. The same technique that Google uses and that Facebook defends will be less compared to the income that these companies take from their developers and creators.

Not only are you going to delay taxing your platforms, but you are clearly pointing out your competitors in the industry. Facebook has been very annoyed in this last quarter by the security functions launched by Apple and that Google is also studying, which will reduce its income by not being able to collect user data from mobile phones.

Facebook against Apple for privacy reasons

This seems to be the response of the social network in a discussion that has been open for many years. Apple CEO Tim Cook blamed the Facebook founder years ago for collecting and using user data the company does to make money when the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, according to an article in The New York Times.

In 2021, Apple has launched ATT (App Tracking Transparency) to prevent apps from accessing the IDFA, a code on devices that is unique and that companies use to identify mobile phones and track their activity in applications and other services. Movement that has not liked Facebook who now responds with these ads.

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