EZVIZ launch a home alarm,better than Ajax systems?

The popular manufacturer of IP cameras and Cloud EZVIZ, has launched an alarm kit to protect our home against external intrusions. Taking advantage of the experience in launching IP Cloud cameras of all kinds, it has now launched a camera with different motion sensors with PIR and wireless detectors for opening and closing doors and windows, of course, we will have the alarm center and also remote control for enabling it remotely easily.

Do you want to know what this EZVIZ home alarm consists of? Is it better than the one from Ajax Systems that we have analyzed in Technoeager.

Main features

This physical security system from the manufacturer EZVIZ includes a central alarm unit, which will be in charge of coordinating all the home alarm devices. This alarm includes a remote control ( remote control) to arm and disarm the alarm, it also has a PIR motion detector that ignores pets weighing up to 25Kg, and it also has an open-close detector for doors and Windows. EZVIZ also has other additional devices for this alarm, such as a completely wireless siren that we can add to the alarm center.

EZVIZ has greatly facilitated the start-up of this device, and it is that we will only have to scan the QR code of the central alarm unit, and follow the instructions that it will tell us to install the rest of the accessories. A very important detail is that we can integrate any EZVIZ camera into this alarm, to have a global vision of everything that is happening in our home.

EZVIZ home alaram
EZVIZ home alaram

The application that will be used in this alarm kit is the same as for the IP Cloud cameras, and we will have options such as the possibility that if an alarm detector goes off, we can automatically start recording with the different IP Cloud cameras that we have in Our home.

Central alarm unit and detectors

This device allows incorporating a maximum of 32 sensors and detectors, in addition, the distance between the detectors and the central alarm unit must be less than 100 meters away in open field, so if you have a very large house with several floors, we may not get good coverage on certain detectors.

This central unit is compatible with door and window open-close detectors, motion detection PIR sensor, siren and remote control. This central unit uses WiFi connectivity to connect to the main network of our house, we will have to use the EZVIZ application to configure this equipment, as if it were a Cloud IP camera.

The motion detector with PIR sensor is a totally wireless device that is immune to pets weighing up to 25Kg, in this way, if we have pets we will not have false positives. It is also capable of avoiding false positives caused by reflections from the sun, something very important if we place it in a room where direct sunlight enters. The detection range is up to 12 meters away, and has a horizontal angle of 100º.

Regarding the door and window opening-closing detector, we have the T2 model that will allow an activation distance of 3cm + -5mm, and a deactivation distance of up to 2.5cm + -5mm. This model incorporates a CR2450 type battery and is estimated to last for about 2 years. The T6 model has a 450mAh battery with an estimated duration of about 3 months.

Finally, we find the remote control with different buttons, we have the emergency button, the suspend button, the exit button, the in-home mode and finally the audio deactivation. This remote control allows us to configure different modes, the home mode allows us to deactivate all the sensors, the output mode activates all the sensors and the sleep mode can activate certain sensors that we want.

Is this alarm better than Ajax Systems?

Let’s discuss about the professional alarm from Ajax Systems, a manufacturer that is specifically oriented to physical security in the home. Although this EZVIZ alarm kit may be a very good low-cost option for a home, it has nothing to do with the complete solution from Ajax Systems. First of all, the Ajax alarm center allows us multiple simultaneous Internet connections, via WiFi, via Ethernet and via 3G / 4G with one or more SIM cards, while the EZVIZ only allows via WiFi.

Ajax system Hub
Ajax system Hub

Another aspect in favor of Ajax is the large number of sensors that we have available for each and every one of the possible scenarios. We have several door and window sensors, photo detectors, wireless sirens, smart home sensors such as smoke and water sensors, but above all we must highlight the complete professional application that we have to manage the alarm in a very advanced way. If you are interested in purchasing a basic alarm, EZVIZ will meet your needs perfectly. However, if you want the best professional alarm without fees, then Ajax Systems should be your only option.

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