DUOBO: LG’s Customizable Coffee Machine with Capsule Mixing

I just met DUOBO, a coffee machine that offers an infinitely customizable coffee experience thanks to its double capsule extraction technology.

DUOBO uses a dual extraction system that allows users to mix and match different coffee capsules. This not only diversifies the flavor, but also allows detailed customization of temperature and extraction volume.

DUOBO’s companion app allows for more detailed control of the coffee experience. From adjusting the temperature to scheduling the extraction time, everything can be done through the app.

DUOBO not only focuses on extraction technology, but also pays attention to the safety and stability of the device. With multi-mesh gear structure and clamp arm, the machine can withstand pressure up to 19 bar during extraction.

DUOBO plans to build a community of coffee lovers where users can share their recipes and reviews. This adds a social dimension to the coffee experience.

On Kickstarter

The project has been launched on Kickstarter to gather valuable feedback from early users and further improve the product.

Although it is from LG Labs, and DUOBO is ready for mass production, there are logistical challenges that could delay delivery, especially in the post-pandemic context.

More information on Kickstarter

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