Counter-Strike 2 aims to ban cheaters in real time

counter strike 2

As soon as Counter-Strike 2 is available in the closed beta test, there are already the first cheats and people using them. Valve is probably already working on a new version of Valve Anti-Cheat, the anti-cheat tool used in CS:GO and other Valve titles, for the new title. Twitter user and full-stack developer Aquarius found relevant clues in the Counter-Strike 2 game data.

VAC will therefore probably receive a new sub-module that is simply called VAC Live in the game files. This is apparently able to recognize cheaters in real time and during the ongoing match and to close the game if necessary. Then the messages “Cheater detected” and “This match was canceled by VAC Live” appear.

So far, cheaters are only recognized later

An anti-cheat tool that bans live cheaters would be a great addition to Counter-Strike. So far, VAC can only recognize cheats afterwards. Also, games are not simply aborted because of cheats. In the worst case, cheaters are not recognized as such and a matchmaking game is still counted as an undeserved victory or unfair defeat.

Riot Games uses a similar system for its CS competitor Valorant. Games are aborted there with a warning message as soon as cheats are diagnosed in the match. However, Valorant has it a little easier with it, since Riot’s anti-cheat software intervenes very deeply in system files.

Valve is currently pursuing a less invasive approach and is trying to use Vacnet and machine learning to analyze the behavior of players and thus automatically recognize cheats. Players can also manually use the Overwatch system to view cheat reports and pass judgment.

Details about VAC Live are not yet known. Valve may be using systems like Vacnet or developing a more aggressive Valorant-style anti-cheat tool.

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