Copilot AI already writes 30% of GitHub code, and now supports Java

The tool had its dose of controversy a while ago, but the truth is that GitHub is doing really well. And it is that almost a third of the new code generated by open-source has been thanks to Copilot.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Copilot takes care of completing code snippets through an artificial intelligence system based on OpenAI’s Codex algorithm. This tool was trained through open-source code from GitHub’s own repositories, using the GPT-3 IA model as a base.

Copilot will be compatible with the most popular languages

Copilot now expands its capabilities with support for Java and more popular programming languages. Here’s what Oege de Moor, Vice President of GitHub Next, had to say on the subject:

We hear a lot from our users that their programming practices have changed using Copilot. In general they have managed to be much more productive in their code.

De Moor explains that support for more programming languages ​​” will help bring this technology to a much wider audience.” According to it, ” 50% of developers who have tried this tool since its launch in July have continued to use it .”

Best of co-pilot

Currently Copilot is much more effective auto completing code than generating its own, serving of great help for those repetitive tasks of developers when programming. Although given its premise it may seem that developers will not be needed in the future, there is still a long way to go, since the demand for this trade does not stop growing.

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