24 best podcasts apps & services to listen podcasts

We bring you a compilation of 24 best podcasts apps and services to listen and organize your podcasts, so that if you are a fan of podcasts you have a choice when it comes to listening to your favorites. We are going to try to offer you everything from the largest and most well-known platforms to other rather less well-known and small applications, all so that you have more opportunities to find one that suits you.

The number of podcasts has grown 129,000% in the last decade according to a report that makes us realize how important this medium is becoming. This growth also means that more and more creators want to enter the format, which in turn also encourages the consumer community to continue growing.

We have considered several ways to organize this article, such as separating it into sections to differentiate apps from websites and desktop programs. However, as several of these tools are cross-platform, we have decided to go for the single list format in which we will order them all in alphabetical order. Following is the list of podcasts apps that are popular for listening to podcasts.

Apple Podcast

apple podcasts apps

While taking about podcasts apps Apple Podcast is popular one. And the alphabetical order wants us to start with this exclusive application of the Apple ecosystem, which offers more than a million programs of all kinds with more than 30 million chapters. It offers the basic functions of any program of this type, with the possibility of subscribing to your favorite programs and being notified with each new episode of them that is uploaded to the platform.

Its particularity is the synchronization through iCloud, which allows you to start listening to a program in an episode and continue listening to it on another Apple device. Therefore, if you are a user of the Apple ecosystem it is very possible that you do not need too much more.

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Audible is quite a peculiar platform if we compare it with the rest of those that will appear on the list. It’s an Amazon service, and it offers exclusive podcasts and audiobooks. Although its focus is really on audiobooks, having a catalog of more than 90,000.

But it also has a small collection of 25 original and exclusive podcasts, such as La que se avecina , Alaska y Warner, Elsa Punset , Mediaset or even an informative one. Of course, you should know that it is also a paid service that costs $14.95 per month.

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Breaker is a complete podcast application that goes beyond the simple player, since it seeks to add a social component to it, allowing you to create a user account, leave comments on the chapters of your favorite podcasts, and follow other users to find ideas among their contents favorites.

It also allows you to play downloaded episodes, receive notifications of new episodes of your subscriptions, downloads to your mobile, fast playback up to 3x and even options such as trimming silences in playback.

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It is a multiplatform application, which in addition to having versions for mobile phones also has a webapp for computers, as well as for watches, cars and smart speakers. Bet on simplicity with a clean and neat interface, with a wide catalog of programs that you can save in favorites and download.

It also offers continuous playback by custom playlists, and as a particularity, it offers tools to help you create your own podcast . Thus, you can create your own content and send a request to be included in the platform.

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We are also going to make room for applications that are exclusively for desktop, and in that regard Clementine has been a reference music player for years. It stands out for its open source, for having other versions for GNU / Linux in addition to Windows, and for being able to link it to clouds such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox to listen to music. It also has a section for podcasts with some interesting options.

You will be able to put the podcasts by hand, but it also has a search engine for iTunes directories and other reference sources. It also allows you to import your subscriptions, and it has support for the open podcast directory of gpodder.net .

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The popular streaming music platform Deezer, decided in 2020 to continue betting on the podcast and bring content of this format to new countries.

Deezer was already a very popular platform with applications for multiple types of device, where now you can see a podcast tab in addition to the music one. You have all its playback options, being able to add podcasts to your favorites or its offline mode.

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Google Podcasts

The almighty Google also has its own podcast platform, with a simple web interface that seeks simplicity above all else, and applications for both Android and iOS. In this case, it is a platform with the basic options , where you can subscribe to your favorite content, download podcasts or control the playback speed.

At the moment it is a free program that you can access with your Google account, and that has the incentive of not having advertising. However, knowing Google, this absence of advertising may only be while trying to position itself in the sector.

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This is one of the most popular podcast platforms, one of those that a few years ago began to drive the return of this format. As it has been a reference platform for some time, you can find practically any program of the best podcasts that you can imagine, with a search section, subscriptions, downloads, and all the options that can be expected in this type of apps.

One of the greatest peculiarities of this tool is that it makes it as easy as possible for you to become a content creator, offering you unlimited storage and transfers, and the possibility of being able to monetize your podcasts. It is a good way to attract new creators and offer added value to users.

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Almost all the applications and programs on this list, with their web versions, are committed to modernity and the accumulation of great options. But if you are looking for a small, modest and versatile tool, Juice is an open source program that has versions for Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux.

What this tool does is allow you to manage your favorite podcasts , which you can then listen to on other players, because it is compatible with many of them. Thus, it is a tool designed more for those who follow dozens of podcasts and want to have them perfectly organized.

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Laughable has a totally different concept from the rest, since it is a platform focused on humor podcasts and comedians. Therefore, if you want to brighten up your afternoon, here you will find content very focused on this genre that will surely make you smile.

As for its options, it has everything you can expect from this type of platform, with the ability to follow your favorite creators to always be up to date with their latest episodes, to download the chapters to listen to them offline, and multiple options playback including listening at twice the speed.

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MusicBee is not only one of the best music players for PC that you can find being free and with support for Last.fm, even the best programs in general, but it also has support for adding podcasts. In the player, you have a tab with which you can access its specific section.

MusicBee is somewhat more manual, since you have to add the link to the podcast yourself . It also does not have dozens of options, since you only have the section of new episodes and those that you have not listened to, but if you already use the application to listen to your digitized music collection on your computer, you don’t need anything else to listen to your favorite podcasts as well .

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It is a simple and free player that is exclusive for Apple devices , so you can only use it on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. It has an advertising system, but the ads are not from companies but from other podcasts that might interest you, so in their way they are also useful to help you discover new content.

Among its features, one stands out that increases the volume of the voice of a program , the voice of people, so that you can better understand what they are saying if it has too much background noise or music. You can also slightly increase the playback speed and manage your favorites.

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It is a complete podcast player that allows you to listen to a wide collection of programs and episodes. You can subscribe to your favorite shows and have them all in one tab, and you also have others for recommendations, and for the chapters you have put to watch later.

And the above was only within the category to listen to programs. The application has multiple themes for recommendations, allows the download of episodes like almost all of them, and is compatible with a large number of devices, from the browser to the Chromecast, including Android Wear or Android Auto. And all this for free, although it has a subscription model to remove advertising, and offer themes and greater speed.

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Podbean is a service that is dedicated to hosting podcasts from creators who decide to upload them to its platform, and it also has its own player application. This app has an excellent design, with all the search options you could want, personalized recommendations, and a playing history.

Podbean also integrates audiobooks into its app, but perhaps the most spectacular thing is that it includes a tool to record and upload your podcasts from your mobile , as long as you have contracted the hosting of this service.

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Podcast Addict

It is a small application created for Android, and it has a good collection of podcasts, radios, and even audiobooks. It also allows you to listen to videos from Twitch or YouTube , and for podcasts it uses the search engines of Podcast Addict, Apple Podcast or The Podcast Index.

It allows you to search for content by name or keyword, has a personalized recommendation system, and allows you to create playlists by theme. It also has multiple sound and playback effects, like listening to everything a little sped up so that the episodes last less.

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Podcast Republic

It is a service available through its website and through an application for Android. In this case, it is unfortunately not compatible with iOS devices. It has several interesting features, such as being compatible with YouTube or iTunes channels, and also incorporating radio broadcasts and audiobooks.

For the rest, it will also allow you to save podcasts in the memory of an SD card if your Android has it, and it offers compatibility with Android Wear, automatic downloads and all the basic options of any podcast player.

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At the beginning of the article, we mentioned Amazon’s podcast payment service. But you have to know that he is not alone, because a few months ago and for a lower price, the Podimo service is presented as a Netflix of podcasts with a monthly subscription of $9 per month.

It must be said that Podimo also has a free version with more than and 650,000 in English. What adds its Premium version is to be able to listen exclusively to Patry Jordán, Iker Jiménez, Teresa Viejo, Xavi Martínez or Javier Ruescas, among others. In total, they offer more than 125 exclusive podcasts , as well as audiobooks. You can use it on the web and its mobile applications.

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It is a small platform that is not very well known, but it has a lot of original content. It is perfect if you are looking for fresh and different content. Possibly, what surprises you the most is its vast catalog of podcasts in Spanish. You can listen to their podcasts on the web and on their mobile applications.

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Pocket Casts podcasts apps

Pocket Casts

It is one of the best known mobile applications in the world of podcasts, which stands out for having a modern, careful and very beautiful design . It started out as a paid application, and despite its popularity it decided to start offering it for free. It also maintains a paid version with more advanced options, but to use it without them you don’t need to pay.

Pocket Casts includes powerful filters in its searches to make it easier for you to find podcasts that interest you . It can also generate a playlist with the latest chapters of your favorite shows, it is compatible with Sonos and Alexa, and has many options such as synchronization between devices, recommendations, search for episodes, compatibility with Chromecast and Airplay, or even a theme system .

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SoundCloud is a kind of alternative Spotify, an application in which it is easy to upload your music and for millions of people around the world to listen to it. And not only that, but it has social functions like comments so that creators are more in touch with their followers.

Well, this platform also has a growing number of podcast creators , and seeks to shelter them with its tools so that it continues to grow. So, possibly here you can find alternative and not so common podcasts.

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Spotify is not only one of the main music streaming services, but it also has a whole section dedicated to podcasts. And being such a big name in the industry, almost all podcasts want to be on their platform too, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the ones you like the most.

The format of podcasts is the same as a musical disc, and when you enter one you will see all its chapters below. You can also follow it so that it appears at the beginning of everything in the section. In case you follow many, the podcasts section has its own search engine , and you will also receive personalized recommendations with those that may interest you.

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Spreaker is a platform specialized in welcoming creators, allowing them to upload their podcasts to it, and therefore, also a good alternative for consumers who are looking for content. As for the creators, Spreaker not only allows them to upload their podcasts, but also makes it easy to publish them on other platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts among others.

As for its player, with mobile versions and web version, it gives you access to all kinds of podcasts that are organized into different themes, from news to humorous ones. You can follow your favorite podcasts, download them, and find new ones with their recommendations.

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It is a mobile application to listen to podcasts that, in addition to its versions for Android and iOS, it also has for Alexa and Sonos, as well as a website to access from any computer. It stands out for its search options, which in addition to programs also allow you to find chapters. For the rest, it is a basic tool with a free or paid version without advertising and with its own content.

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TuneIn Radio

It is one of the most popular and successful radio applications on mobile devices. Right now it has a free service with advertising, and a paid one to listen to stations without ads. It also has a podcast section with a wide collection of categories.

This application has versions for mobile phones, another web version and even for Windows. It also has versions for multiple brands of smart speakers, as well as for consoles or navigation systems of some car models.

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