Best 1 TB pen drives to keep your data safe

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These are some high-capacity pen drives that will help you a lot to manage your data on a day-to-day basis.

External hard drives are the main option when it comes to saving files, with permission from the cloud, of course, although they are not the only one nor are they the most practical, especially since there are already 1TB capacity USB sticks that are used for yourself and you can carry them in your pocket everywhere.

It is more than enough capacity for photos, videos, notes, documents of any kind and much more, although obviously the versatility has a price and they are usually somewhat more expensive than a conventional hard drive of the same size.

Among the 1TB pen drives that you can buy, we have chosen some models that stand out for their speed and design, all of them from totally and absolutely trusted brands in the storage sector, such as SanDisk or Corsair.

They offer up to 1GB per second of reading speed, so with them you can read any file in real time, and even use them to expand the memory of a computer, now that there are laptops that come with just 32 and 64GB of capacity.

If, for example, you have a Chromebook, buying one of these USB sticks is a very good option to avoid being tight in terms of space.

Kingston DataTraveler Max

It goes without saying that Kingston, with its SSD drives, somewhat dominates the storage sector, or at least some of its segments.

It also has pen drives, and this is a good example of its catalog, the fastest of all the ones it sells since it reaches 1GB per second of reading speed and 900 MB of writing, which is not bad at all.

It comes with a case that you can use as a keychain, since it is designed so that you can always carry all kinds of files with you.

Its price is not cheap, but it is not the most expensive of all either since it always moves around 150-200 dollars.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

We now turn to another brand that also has an important presence, especially on mobile phones, tablets and on Nintendo Switch. It’s SanDisk and it claims to be the leading seller of microSD memory cards.

In this case, its 1TB flash drive is very competitive, although perhaps not as compact as other options. It costs about 200 dollars and also offers more than decent speeds.

With 300-400 MB per second of sequential read and write speeds, it competes head-to-head against any hard drive, with the added bonus of being able to always carry it with you.

Corsair Flash Voyager GTX

Although Corsair specializes primarily in computer components, especially high-speed RAM, its catalog holds other surprises, such as one of the best 1TB USB sticks you can get.

It has a much more classic look, although you can also use it as a keychain. It reaches 400 MB per second and has a USB 3.1 interface, so it is the latest generation.

With its own software to optimize its operation, it is ideal, for example, to save games that you can then run in real time, hence its price, which exceeds 300 dollars.

PNY Pro Elite

This may be by far the cheapest 1TB flash drive of all, costing less than $200. It is from a trusted brand, PNY, also with a strong presence in the PC SSD industry.

Being metallic, it is quite protected against shocks of all kinds, although its interface is “only” USB 3.0, unlike the models we mentioned above.

This does not penalize its performance, and it is also around 300-400 MB per second of speed.

SanDisk Ultra Deluxe

This model is quite particular for having a USB Type C connection, which almost all new computers already have, including Apple MacBooks.

It also has 1TB of capacity and a sleek design, hence its name, made entirely of metal.

It is cheap, since it does not reach 200 dollars in price, although it has a drawback: its speed is also quite modest.

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