Apple says Google and Microsoft do not meet standards for App store

Apple says Google and Microsoft do not meet standards for App store that is bad news for Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud. Gaming services in the cloud are now a reality. Google Stadia on the one hand and Microsoft xCloud on the other are the most popular. However, even though they are designed to play on low-powered devices such as mobile phones, they are not going to reach one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world: Apple.

Microsoft’s service announced that it will arrive on Android on September 15 , without any mention of Apple phones. Something similar happens with Google Stadia, available on Android phones but not on the iPhone. It is no coincidence, and it is because as they are designed (or how Apple’s App Store is designed), they cannot be distributed on iOS devices .

“Sending games individually for review”

In statements to Business Insider from Apple they have explained the reason for this absence of streaming game services on their devices. It all has to do with how Apple manages the content that is distributed and reaches its users . Assuming that the App Store is a “safe and reliable place for customers” as they review every app and game that is sold, they say that this is not possible with services like xCloud or Stadia.
In other words, Apple cannot check that every game on Google Stadia or Microsoft xCloud for example complies with its guidelines and standards for iOS. In Apple’s words to Business Insider :

“Our customers enjoy great apps and games from millions of developers, and game services can absolutely be released on the App Store as long as they follow the same set of guidelines applicable to all developers, including submitting games individually for review and appear in rankings and searches. “

The important part of these statements is in “including submission of games individually for review”. Neither Google Stadia nor Microsoft xCloud operate in this way, since they offer the games to users directly through their app from the servers of the companies themselves . Games are not stored locally on iPhone or iPad, there is no installation of them. This is clear that Apple says Google and Microsoft do not meet standards for App store. In other words, Apple cannot know what each user is consuming and cannot ensure that it is legal content according to its standards. You also cannot earn an income for it.

Apple and Google do not meet for App store
xBox Console

We will see if in the coming months services such as Microsoft or Google find a way to be available in the App Store and thus reach iPhone or iPad users. To do this, they must find a way to comply with Apple standards . A tricky subject that has caused more than one dispute in recent months, such as with HEY.

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