The iPhone 12 mini does not work: Apple will cut its 70% production

We love (more) compact phones, but we don’t buy them (much). That is the conclusion that can be drawn from the data that Nikkei Asia has just published regarding Apple’s plans with respect to its iPhone 12 mini.

The smallest of Apple’s next-generation smartphones will see its production cut by 70% during the first six months of 2021. In fact, it cuts production by 20% compared to the plans it had in December, but the reduction is much more notable for the compact model.

The iPhone 12 mini in the face of the reality of a market that loves big phones

In Nikkei they indicated how these cuts will account for a good part of those that Apple will make in the production of the entire family of smartphones presented at the end of last year.

Some suppliers will stop manufacturing specific components for the iPhone 12 mini altogether for now, while other suppliers will end up relocating certain components of that mobile to dedicate them to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This news seems to make it clear that the success of the iPhone 12 mini has been very limited despite the good feelings it transmits. There are practically no high-end compact mobiles that can rival it in the Android market, but still the demand from Apple users is clearly directed to the standard model of the iPhone 12 and also to the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

In Nikkei they also mention that the production of two new MacBook based on Apple Silicon has been delayed, but it is not known if it is a new design with a successor to the M1 or simply a variant of the equipment that Apple recently introduced.

Despite the cuts in the production of its mobile phones, Apple seems to continue to want to manufacture more than ever: 230 million terminals are expected to leave the factories that produce them, which would be 11.6% more than those that were manufactured in 2020.

Via | Nikkei Asia

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