Apple advertises PUBG Mobile against Epic game


The battle between Apple and Epic Game has been marked by provocative actions on the part of the video game creator and now it seems that Apple has decided to follow suit. Just a few days before the date established by the bitten apple to remove Fortnite from its application store, it has begun to advertise PUBG Mobile , one of its main competitors.

As you can see from this weekend, the App Store has highlighted in its editorial content the “new era” of PUBG Mobile . Although it may also be a coincidence, it is impossible not to think that it may be a reminder to “Fortnite” players that similar Battle Royale titles exist .Apple has replacement for Fortnite. The night before that App Store highlight, Epic Games sent emails to iOS and macOS players accusing Apple of being the only reason “Fortnite” updates are blocked.

However, and in accordance with the decision of the authorities that sentenced the lawsuit of the video game creator to those of the bitten apple, Epic Games itself could reverse the situation:“The Court finds that with respect to Epic Games’ motion regarding its games, including Fortnite, Epic Games has not yet shown irreparable damage. The current situation seems to have been created by itself ”.

Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple was generated as a result of a criticism of those of the bitten apple for limiting competition so that it can collect 30% of the payments of consumers made in applications like Fortnite, which increases the prices it pays .

Epic lowered the prices through a direct payment option, but Apple blocked this possibility, claiming that Fornite violates the store’s policies and confirming at all times, that it will not make any exception to modify its policies.

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