Android 12 update would have the ability to automatically translate applications into your language

Android 12 update could be able to translate the interface of any application that we download from the Google Play Store.

One of the main problems we face when we download an application from the Google Play Store to our Android phone is that on many occasions it is not translated into Hindi, especially certain video games, so we have to wait for be it the developer himself who ends up launching a future update with that hypothetical translation into our language, that does not always happen.

But things could change thanks to Android 12, and it is that now from XDA they have discovered a hidden function that could include the new operating system when it is released in the last part of the year, which would be its ability to automatically translate the user interface of applications.

Although the largest companies have localization services to adapt each of their releases to the most important languages ​​in the world, the truth is that there are small developers who can only trust the user community to take care of these issues, although luckily soon they could rely entirely on the Android 12 operating system.

Android 12 update
Android 12

From XDA they have found several pieces of evidence in the Android 12 update code about automatic translation, specifically for the user interface of each of the applications, as long as they do not have a translation into the user’s native language.

They speculate that this API does not use Google Translate directly, but a totally different API. It would be a feature that would be included within the operating system, and that the user could manage at will.

Although there have been third-party applications in recent years that have taken care of the translation of the user interface, many require users to obtain their own API key for this translation service.

Including this feature would be an advantage for both developers and users. As regards developers, they would ensure that their applications would already be automatically translated into the user’s native language without having to hire an external translation service; while the user would make sure to be able to enjoy all the Google Play Store applications translated into their language.

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