All tricks to contact Amazon: customer service

We can contact Amazon customer service by different methods like through web, phone number, online chat, file a complement and email. Amazon is known as the giant of online shopping. And there is no doubt about its great presence around the world and the number of millions of sales that are made through the platform every day. If you are a regular customer and you are reading these lines, you are almost certainly looking for a way to contact Amazon, either due to a problem or incident with one of your orders or because you want to clarify any questions regarding any of the services or products sold by the online shopping giant. Learn about the different ways to contact Amazon.

Until recently, it was possible to contact customer service through the Amazon toll-free number 900 803 711 or 800 810 251, however, if today we dial either of those two numbers from our phone, we will find a message that indicates that the platform no longer attends any queries through them. In addition, they inform us that to contact them we go to the contact section within the official page of the platform.

If we go to this page, we will find that we will have to select one of our orders, that is, on which we want to make said query. Now, for this we will have to previously identify ourselves with our username and password. However, if what we want is to simply make a query that is not related to any order, then we will have to choose another alternative.

How you can contact Amazon

Contact Amazon customer service
Amazon customer service

There are several methods by which we can contact Amazon and resolve potential issues. Through the web if you have doubts with an order, through the phone asking to be called, through the chat enabled.

Through the web selecting an order

If your query is about an order in progress, already delivered, a return or refund, then we can use the method that we have just mentioned, the steps are as follows:

  • We will go to the Amazon contact page
  • We select the order in question
  • We are displaying the different options …

Tap on “Tell us more” and you will see a drop down menu.

  • Where is my order?
  • Problem with an order or product
  • Change an order
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Problems with payments
  • Unknown charge
  • VAT
  • Promotions and offers
  • Amazon Fash
  • Report something suspicious
  • Contact us in English

After all, we will be able to write a comment on our query, which will be sent via the web to Amazon customer service. The normal thing is that we receive a copy of said query in our email address associated with the account of the platform. Through this same means we will receive a timely response from the company.

Free phone call: Amazon phone customer service

However, we may want to speak to Amazon directly. Unfortunately, Amazon’s free contact numbers are no longer available, but what if possible is to ask the company itself to be the ones to call us. In this way, we will be the ones who receive the call from Amazon to solve our query.

To do this, the first thing we have to do is enter the platform with our user account and then:

  1. We go to the Amazon Contact page.
  2. We select an order or leave it unselected and choose an option from the first drop-down of Tell us more.
  3. We select another option from the second drop-down.
  4. It will show us an answer about our query, but in any case we scroll down and we will find the option How would you like to contact us?
Amazon customer service
Amazon customer service

No matter what problem you choose. In some cases, possible solutions will appear but scroll all the way to find the Amazon chat or phone call option.

  1. There appears the recommended option that Amazon call us by phone for free.
  2. We click on the Telephone button.
  3. We select our country.
  4. We enter the phone number we want to be called to.
  1. Click on the button Call me now.
  2. In a few moments we will receive a free call from Amazon on our phone.
Amazon: customer service
Amazon customer service

You can contact this person to express the problem you have: if a product has not arrived, if it has arrived broken, if you have a payment problem.

International calls

The online shopping giant offers a phone number only for international calls, 911 23 04 13. Therefore, if we are outside of our country and we need to contact Amazon, we can get in touch through this phone number. Now, if we try to contact Amazon customer service through this phone, we will find a recording informing that it is only for international calls.

In addition, it will remind us that to contact Amazon we can do it from the chat, by email or through the web or app. In the event that we call from a mobile phone, we will be offered the option of being able to receive an SMS with a direct link to the Amazon contact page.

Sending email

If we follow the steps described in the previous step, at the moment the answer about the chosen query is shown and the section How would you like to contact us?, we will see the option to contact by email. Once that option is chosen, a text box will be enabled for us to write our query and send it by email. Generally, we will get a response from Amazon customer service within 12 hours.

Online chat

In the same section, how would you like to get in touch with us?, we will also find the last option to contact Amazon. It is an online chat that will be opened automatically as soon as we click on said option and in which we will previously have to identify ourselves with our platform account.

Once this is done, we can write our query and click on the Start Chat button . Now we will only have to wait for a person from Amazon customer service to connect with us and we can present our query so that they can give us an answer. From the chat window we can mark the option Send a transcript of this chat to our email account. In this way, we will be sent a copy of all the conversation that we have with the operator through the chat.

File a complaint on Amazon

You may have had a problem with Amazon and it is not just talking to customer service but you want to make a complaint. Generally, it is enough to contact you via chat or by phone to resolve any problem with an order, but the online store also has a section to make claims. You can do it from any product that you have ordered as long as you meet a series of requirements that we will explain below.

When can you make a complaint? If it has not arrived and appears as delivered, if it has arrived broken, damaged or in poor condition or if the seller of the order has assured that he would give you a refund of the product in poor condition and he has not done so. You can also claim if more than three days have passed since the expected delivery date and you have not received your package within this time.

When you have located the order, look for the option ” Problem with the order ” and you will be able to select which problem you have from all the available ones:

  • The package has not arrived
  • Missing parts and products
  • Damaged or defective product
  • It is different from what I had requested
  • The customer no longer needs it
  • Other

Here you will get a refund request and a complaint to Amazon.

When you have located the order, look for the option “Problem with the order” and you will be able to select what problem you have. If the order is delivered or the deadlines have already passed, you will not see this button. For example if it is damaged or if you want a refund if the order has not arrived.

Remember that the deadlines are as follows:

  • Up to three calendar days from the indicated delivery date
  • Up to 30 days from the confirmation of the same if you have not received it
  • You must file the claim within 90 calendar days from the order delivery deadline
  • Before 14 calendar days you must claim if it has arrived damaged or defective

Returns on Amazon

The steps to return are different and you do not have to do it in the next 3 days but you have a guarantee of 30 calendar days from when you receive the product and you do not have to give explanations. That is, you can return a product to Amazon simply because you don’t like it.

The steps are:

  • Open your Amazon account
  • Go to Returns and Orders
  • Find the order you want to return
  • Tap on it to open it up
  • Choose the option Return or replace products
  • Choose between the reasons for the return
  • Follow the steps that Amazon tells you
  • Choose the return method (refund on the card or as a balance)
  • Tap on Continue
  • Choose the method for the return
    • Punto Celeritas – Unprinted label
    • Punto Celeritas printing label
    • Take it to the Post Office – Label needs to be printed
    • Celeritas Pickup
  • Confirm the return of the product

Once you deliver the package or pick it up at your home, you will receive the money.

We can choose between several reasons but keep in mind that it depends on the one you choose, you will be charged or not for making the return on Amazon. The options are as follows:

  • Bought by mistake
  • I have found it cheaper
  • Improper performance or quality
  • Incompatible or inappropriate
  • The product is damaged, but the packaging is fine
  • Came too late
  • Missing parts or accessories
  • The product and the outer packaging are damaged
  • It is not the product I ordered
  • Defective / Not working well
  • I have received more products than the orders
  • I do not love you anymore
  • Unauthorized purchase
  • The product or the manual is not in Spanish
  • It does not correspond to the description on the web

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