3 easy ways to create a cartoon

cartoon making softwares

Today there are tools designed to upload a drawing of a doll to the Internet and see how it moves automatically, as well as web applications to create cartoons without having great knowledge or much digital culture.

Those that perform automatic movement manage to identify arms, legs, torso, eyes, mouth… all the elements of a decent drawing, and thanks to Artificial Intelligence they manage to offer an animation quickly and easily.

Let’s look at some of the existing options:

– sketch.metademolab.com/canvas : We talked about this project a few months ago in detail. This is a proposal created by Facebook to demonstrate what they manage to do with their Artificial Intelligence engine. We just have to upload the drawing and select the type of movement we want, once that is done, we will see how the drawing comes to life and generates a video ready to be broadcast on the networks.

– animatron.com : It is an animation creation platform that needs more work from the user. It does not make movements automatically, but it gives us more control when it comes to obtaining the desired result. We can configure each frame and export the final video. The free version includes the logo in the corner of the final video.

– animaker.com : The third option allows 5 downloads of the animation per month for free. It is possible to create custom characters and drag and drop them on the backgrounds that we want, at the same time that we can include various elements in the resulting animation. They have diverse templates and stock photos so that the result is as complete as possible.

Three options for different types of professionals. The first more for home use, the second for more advanced use, and the third to create simple animations for our marketing work.

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