10 tricks to follow if you want charge your mobile faster

A smartphone is a small miracle of technology. A real computer, diary, social communicator, a multitool that fits in the palm of the hand, and we can use it anywhere without the ties of the cable. But it has an important limitation, its autonomy. Are there tricks to charge your mobile faster ?

A few years ago, the autonomy of the smartphone barely lasted a day. In 2019 … it barely lasts a day, with few exceptions. It seems that we have not advanced anything, but the reality is that a current mobile consumes 10 times more than one of 10 years ago, so the batteries have increased their capacity a lot, considering that they cannot increase their size. But it is true that we continue with a similar autonomy.

There is no choice but to assume the daily mobile recharge. Once psyched, we can always resort to these 10 tricks to charge your mobile faster.

Since we cannot increase the autonomy (unless we use an external battery), at least we can reduce the wait during recharging…

Don’t turn on the screen while charging

Don't turn on the screen while charging

It is very common that, while the mobile is charging, we receive a notification, or we feel like entering Facebook or Twitter, and we spend half a recharge with the screen on.

It is a bad habit that damages the battery, and the charging time. The screen is one of the components that consume the most. If we turn it on while charging, at the same time we are consuming a lot of energy. Not only does recharging take longer to complete to 100%, but these continuous micro-charges and micro-discharges wear down the life of the battery.

Activate Airplane Mode / Power Saver to charge your mobile faster

Activate Airplane Mode

Not only turning on the screen delays the recharging of the mobile, but anything that is active while recharging the smartphone.

Even at rest, a large number of services are active: WiFi, receiving calls, notifications, etc. These services are activated every few minutes and connect to the Internet or the telephone tower to check notifications, calls, updates, etc., consuming energy that delays recharging.

When you charge your mobile, if possible, disconnect the Internet or activate Airplane Mode, to minimize active services during the process.

Another option is to activate the Energy Saving Mode (the one that appears when you have less than 15% battery). This mode deactivates high-consumption background functions, accelerating the charging of the mobile. It is a good  trick to make your mobile battery charge faster.

An even more radical measure is to turn it off completely, thereby ensuring the fastest recharging of the mobile. But it is not recommended to do it every time.

Keep it cold or at room temperature

Keep it cold or at room temperature

Did you know that high temperatures slow down smartphone charging ?

If you come from the street in the middle of summer, do not charge your mobile as soon as you arrive. Wait half an hour for it to adapt to the room’s ambient temperature.

By the same principle, do not charge it inside a car when it is very hot, or inside your pocket or backpack, if you have an external battery with a portable charger.

If possible, charge it in a cool room.

But don’t do anything crazy like putting it in the fridge or charging it outdoors in winter. Like heat, excessive cold also slows down the battery, and reduces its useful life. 

Use a wall charger

Use a wall charger

It is common to charge the mobile by connecting it to a computer USB, an external hard drive, the console, or another device.

Performing this task through another device does not usually offer good performance, since most devices offer a standard recharge that modern batteries do not usually take advantage of. In other words, the mobile will take longer to charge.

If you want to speed up battery recharging, use a charger connected to a wall socket.

Use a quality cable

Use a quality cable

If you buy the charger and cable separately, or mix them from different sources, in addition to the quality of the charger you should also take into account the quality of the cable.

USB cables usually have four wires inside. Green and white carry the data, and red and black carry the current. Depending on the intensity of the current that circulates, they will charge more or less quickly.

Cheap USB cables usually have a current of 0.5 Amps. It is better to use one of at least 2.5A.

Take advantage of the maximum load capacity

maximum load capacity

Although two batteries have the same energy storage capacity, they can have different charge capacity. This means that they recharge at different speeds.

There are 3,000 mAh batteries that are 100% renewed in 30 minutes, and others that do so in an hour.

The recharging speed is given to us, in addition to the battery itself, the connection of the mobile and the charger, which have a maximum charge. The logical thing is that the mobile connection accepts the maximum charge of the battery, so all eyes are on the charger.

Why do we say this? Many people use to keep the official mobile charger in its box, and use a generic one that they have. Or the mobile does not come with a charger, and they buy a cheap one. But there are many chargers that offer a lower charge than the one accepted by the mobile. Your smartphone may accept an 18W charge, and you are using a 10W charger. You will be recharging the mobile at half the speed it accepts.

Always use a charger that guarantees maximum charging speed. But beware, some of those that come with mobiles do not offer the maximum load. Check it.

Tips to charge mobile fast

If there is no charger, examine the specifications of the mobile and discover what its charge is. Then buy a charger that will accept that charge. They usually indicate it on the card.

Use a quality charger

Use a quality charger

Along the lines of the previous point, we must insist on using a reliable and safe charger.

Inexpensive chargers do not supply power consistently, and are sometimes not protected against power surges, storms, and other electrical failures.

This slows down the charging of the mobile, and reduces the useful life of the battery.

Always use a quality charger (look for reviews if necessary), which charges constantly and has protections against voltage drops, storms, poor quality electrical network, etc.

Your drummer will thank you …

Go fast charging

Go fast charging

Is your mobile a bit old, or does it take forever to recharge? Maybe you should consider replacing it with one with a fast charge.

It is one of the most important improvements of modern smartphones, and when you try it you can not go back. Fast charging can speed up mobile recharging by 70%.

Although there are generic fast charging systems that various brands use, such as Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, others use their own technology.

The mobiles with the highest fast charge are those from OPPO, which have 50W of power. The SuperVOOC Oppo battery charge gets the Oppo Find X of 3400 mAh in about 37 minutes.

On the contrary, the mobile with the best Xiaomi charge is the Mi 9, which has a 3,300 mAh battery and is the first mobile to have 20W wireless fast charging. According to company data, this system would be 27% faster than traditional 10W wireless charging, while 27W fast wired charging would surpass 18W also by 37% speed.

All these calculations will come to nothing, compared to the 100 W load that Xiaomi is preparing. It has already proven capable of charging a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes.

It seems clear that the future of mobile batteries is to reduce the charging time as much as possible.

Clean the USB / Lightning connector

Clean the USB / Lightning connector

This trick is not very well known, but it can solve many slow loading problems. If you notice that the process is slower than normal, perhaps it is that the inside of the USB / Lightning connector of the mobile, or that of the cable itself, is dirty.

If there is dirt the current does not circulate correctly, and although the charge occurs, it can be slower.

From time to time clean the charger cable, and check that there is no dirt inside the slot of the mobile. You can use a soft toothbrush, with great caution.

Wireless charging? Beware of interference

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is going to be one of the main protagonists of smartphones in 2019. It is becoming faster and more efficient, and in no time it will end up replacing the cable.

If you use wireless charging, you have to take into account interference.

Wireless charging is carried out by induction, through an electromagnetic current. Therefore, any metal element, or a magnet, can cause interference and make the smartphone charge slower.

The wireless field generated is very small, because the smartphone is attached to the charging station, so only if the metal object is very close (attached to the smartphone), will it influence the charge. But sometimes, without realizing it, we leave the keys next to the mobile, or we have a speaker or microwave nearby, and they could interfere.

Some wireless chargers have a foreign object detector, which alerts you if interference occurs.

We have seen 10 tricks to make your mobile battery charge faster. They are simple to put into practice, and you will see how you notice the difference.

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