10 best science fiction video games one should play

science fiction video games

The science fiction genre has given us truly incredible stories in a handful of video games that have marked an era, so it was time for us to dedicate a special video to the best sci-fi games that we have enjoyed in the world of entertainment. electronic. And we already told you that it has not been easy to make the list, due to the large number of works that have obtained gold from this theme, such as the Mass Effect saga to name one of the most successful. But before getting to work, a clarification, because we have chosen to leave cyberpunk games out of the top, which will later have their own top.

Despite this, the list is full of authentic masterpieces that have made us enjoy unforgettable moments on PC and consoles, such as that anthological battle against the Scarab from Halo 3, the first steps in City 17 from the fascinating Half Life 2, or the betrayal of Kerrigan in the Starcraft saga that even after all these years continues to excite us. There are so many moments to remember and so many great games to cite, that as we said, it has not been easy to make a list in which there is everything: from action and exploration adventures like Metroid Prime, to great RPG epics like the legendary Star Wars. KOTOR from BioWare, through weirdness on the level of Kojima’s Death Stranding, or exciting shooting games like that gem called Titanfall 2.

Science fiction has given us incredible characters, stories and universes that, thanks to the world of video games, we have been able to explore freely. How can we forget Talos I from Prey, or Shepard’s misadventures in the Mass Effect saga, or the diplomatic crises that assault you time and time again in the fantastic Stellaris, a 4X strategy game that is overwhelming for everything it allows you to do. We have also not forgotten Rapture and the great BioShock, the terrifying Alien Isolation and SOMA, or the not so well-known Outer Wilds, which is another of those geniuses that is worth trying. In reality, all the games on this list, even some with years behind them, are still essential.

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