You can now try Nintendo Switch Online for free: the company offers this reward for a limited time

The Nintendo Switch subscription service already has more than 100 games that its users can download for free. The catalog consists mainly of NES and SNES games , although it has also featured interesting proposals such as Pac-Man’s Battle Royale , which followed the line of the excellent Tetris 99 , another of the titles that came to Nintendo’s subscription.

The service has a cost of 3.99 euros per month, 7.99 euros for the quarter and 19.99 euros for the full year on the Nintendo Spain website , but if you have not decided yet, Nintendo has included it in its rewards program a 7-day free trial for everyone who wants to try the service. The reward code is valid until September 10 .

There are no conditions to be able to enjoy this offer, apart from not currently being subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online in the account in which we are going to redeem the trial and those who have already redeemed other free trials in the past .

From Nintendo they have provided the instructions to redeem it.We just have to log in with our Nintendo account on the web, select “redeem” and we will have direct access to the code that we will have to use either in our account on the Nintendo eShop website or directly from the eShop on the Nintendo Switch. .

Nintendo has promised to improve its service to make it more attractive , although it has not clarified whether this improvement will be accompanied by an increase in the price of the subscription.

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