Xiaomi Watch Active S1: Xiaomi’s new smartwatch leaked

Xiaomi is finalizing the development of a new smart watch, which will be marketed under the name of Xiaomi Watch Active S1.

Smart watches, or smart watches, are becoming more and more popular, sometimes taking over from quantification bracelets, which lag behind not so much in functions as in design. We know that Poco is finalizing the first of these products under its brand, the Poco Watch, but in the meantime Xiaomi continues to advance its catalog.

In December of last year, Xiaomi presented the Xiaomi Watch S1, a smart watch model focused on autonomy and not so much on functions. This model was expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2022, and considering that there are only a few weeks left before it ends, we should see it announced shortly. Perhaps it will be announced at the presentation of the Xiaomi 12 Series in our country, but it is possible that it will be done under another name.

This is the Xiaomi Watch Active S1

Xiaomi watch Active S1
Xiaomi Watch Active S1

This model appears to be a slightly modified version of the Watch S1 we talked about earlier.

This new smartwatch has a circular crown with an AMOLED screen and a silicone strap, which is expected given the name, which indicates that it will be a watch focused on sports.

We will have two physical buttons on the side, but not a rotating crown.

It is expected to go on sale in three colors, black, blue and white, although presumably we can customize it with hundreds of different covers and compatible straps.

Xiaomi watch Active S1
Xiaomi Watch Active S1

There is no data on its operating system, but it is very unlikely that Xiaomi will now bet on Wear OS or a similar complex system, and will continue in its commitment to a simpler operating system that gives its watches greater autonomy. As we told you, there are only two types of smart watches, and Xiaomi is focused on one of those types.

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