X64 application emulation is now available to Windows 10 for ARM

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Windows 10 for ARM, which we find in devices like the Surface Pro X, allows you to emulate x86 applications (Intel 32-bit) but it could not do the same with x64 applications, which is usual for more complete programs. Now, Microsoft announces that x64 application emulation is officially coming to Windows 10 for ARM .

This is an important step for Windows 10 users for ARM, as it will include a large number of programs that were not available until now, for example the Creative Suite from Adobe.

A major leap in Windows for ARM: at the moment for developers

Support for x64 emulation is now available for Windows Insiders, via the developer channel and build 21277.

Beyond emulation, there are also x64 applications directly available from the Windows Store, such as Autodesk Sketchbook or the x64 versions of Chrome. Although, the application catalog is very limited. With the arrival of emulation, the possibilities of Windows 10 for ARM increase considerably and one of the great disadvantages of this version is put to an end.

Microsoft’s move was announced in late September and comes now, a few weeks after the release of the new Macs with the ARM M1 processor. In the case of Apple, support for x64 applications is available out of the box.

Windows 10 for ARM

At the moment it is a preliminary version, so it is to be expected that it contains some errors and is not stable enough. Beyond this, Microsoft launches an emulation that has taken several years and caused that the software of the ARM devices continued not to convince us.

In 2017, Microsoft released the first version of Windows 10 for ARM. Three years later, x64 support reaches devices such as the Surface Pro X or the Samsung Galaxy Book S with a Snapdragon 8cx processor. The assault on ARM to the world of the PC has from today another powerful argument.

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