WSATools 0.2.0 now allows you to backup Android apps in Windows 11

One of the most popular features of Windows 11 is that it will allow native integration with Android applications. Initially it will be done through the Amazon Appstore, which will serve as an unofficial store for your apps until the arrival of the Play Store (at first through Play Games ) although Microsoft engineers have already stated on occasion that the installation of APKs on our own it will also be possible.

Said and done, under the protection of this arrival we have begun to see applications like WSATools land, which have already proven to be perfectly valid to bring any APK file to Windows, despite the fact that Microsoft’s system does not seem to put much of its part in this process. Now, WSATools is getting ready to upgrade and go one step further: allow Android app backups.

Android app backups in Windows 11

The improvement will land with version 0.2.0 of WSATools which is currently in the last phase of testing, so it will soon be released so that anyone can install it on their Windows 11. In this version the backup copies will land and, at the As with more and more apps in the Google Play Store, restoring these backups will also restore sessions, so everything will continue as before the backup.

This option comes after WSATools developers implement ADB tools in the application, allowing you to skip the necessary step of app configuration to also restore data such as user sessions. Thus, we will restore an app in Windows 11 and all the data at the time of the copy will recover your site, including the data of our user within the application itself.

At the moment, this WSATools functionality is only available to users of Microsoft’s Insider program but will soon be available to everyone. WSATools is available in the Microsoft Store, and is easily installable through this direct link to the system’s app store. On occasion, Microsoft has ‘taken down’ the app to reappear later, so you should have no problem locating it.

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